quinn’s first month ~ everybody jump for joy

*** i am transcribing these old posts over from various myspace-like locations to hopefully get all of my baby/kid chronicling into one space once and for all! these are therefore re-runs for some, depending on whether you were following along in another format at the time i was posting… but we all like re-runs, right? especially ones about squishy babies***

Quinn’s first month; entries from the baby journal

2/23 thru 3/8 2007 entries are concerned mostly with figuring out sleep patterns and breastfeeding patterns…


Quinn is 2 weeks old. growing! chubby arms and cheeks. liked being naked for diaper change/burt’s bees rubdown. likes sleeping on mom or dad, on boppy on mom’s lap, on sheepskin between mom and dad on the bed, or in sling while mom walks around. loves music- buena vista social club, bob marley (songs of freedom 1 and 4), van morrison, jerry and david. jerry’s version of the mighty quinn. likes staring at mom and dad’s faces. tucks his hands up by his face when eating or sleeping. stretches and makes noises as he wakes up. wiggles legs during diaper changes. very clear sign when hungry- fist in mouth. eats a LOT! yawns and sneezes are so cute.


clothes begin because blankets are getting kicked off.


went for walk in sling with mom, then sat in the backyard. sleeping the whole time. went to mt. tabor with mom and dad, slept in carseat and then again in sling. awake on the ride home, looking out the window. evening- dancing with dad to tom petty’s wildflowers. dad: “trust me, he’s over 2 feet.”


dad went to work in am. walked in pea pod sling to essex park in afternoon- sunny! trees are flowering, daffodils.


walked to post office. midwife appointment with mom. did footprints in green. weighed 11 lbs 14.5 oz, back to birth weight. new seasons in sling, a very sleepy afternoon. rocked with dad.


enjoyed bouncy chair with vibration today (dad fixed the battery) during awake times. gave mom and dad a nice 20 minute break. 🙂 rode to freddies in sling. looking more and more like dad every day! smiles in sleep, but mostly very serious- looks like he’s deep in thought.


walked with dena and bodhi. dad worked >half day. 🙁 Quinn sucked his thumb for a few minutes (left hand) in evening before nursing.


3 weeks!!! very mellow all day and all night (mom avoiding dairy for now).


st. patricks day. went to prenatal yoga class to show off record breaking baby. sukita came to visit and held Quinn. Kelli (midwife) also came by to do newborn screen- had to poke his heel, but Quinn slept through it. Very good baby!!!

3/18 Sun

lots of time with dad in AM by fire… gray day. very peaceful. sleepy afternoon. first bath 7 pm!! Quinn LOVED the bathtub. he and mom took a bath together and he had wide eyes the whole time, never cried or even made a furrowed brow face… dad “rescued” him with the hooded towel grammie sewed for him… organic and very soft. his wet hair was very curly, just like when he was born.

3/19 mon

dad working all day. mom didn’t get much sleepy, feeling funky. rain- only walked around the block. Quinn eating a lot and frequently- a growth spurt? seems not quite satisfied.

3/20 tues

eating a ton today! walked to mt. scott park and later went to freds as a family unit.

3/21 wed

went to mom and baby yoga for the 1st time- 2 diaper changes, 3 feedings, but mom still got to do 3 or 4 poses. 🙂 the bus ride went very well in the sling, he slept most of the way and i fed him on the way home a little. took a big afternoon nap after our adventure. spitting up a lot in evening but had a good night’s sleep, slept 10-2, 3-6, 7-9 or so…

3/22 thurs

mom got to shower while quinn slept till 9! went for a walk in sling- nice sunny day. spitting up some again today. dad picked up quinn’s placenta from kate’s freezer where it had been hanging out next to angus’s. she said wheat is another problem food i could try to cut back on…

3/23 fri ONE MONTH

mom had a hard time this evening. quinn going through a fussy phase. got spit up and peed on all at once, as did the boppy. but it all worked out. quinn sucked his thumb again today for the second time (that i’ve witnessed). lots of “happy birthday” wishes from family and friends.

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