quinn’s third month ~ grams, grammy, grampy and a hummingbird

Quinn’s third month

4/24 tues

when riding in the sling or baby bjorn, quinn kicks his legs if you stand still: giddyup!

4/25 wed

grandma vanhoeck arrived this evening. bathing took place in the morning, as well as mom and baby yoga class.

4/26 thurs

FIRST TOOTH! at 2 months and 3 days old, quinn has his first tooth pushing through.h it is a tiny white point on the lower right gum. i had dad check for me to make sure i wasn’t imagining things, and sure enough, he felt it too. quinn had taken a very long morning nap, had been fussy during feedings, and spitting up a large amount after each one, and wanting something in his mouth constantly (binky, mom or dad’s finger, cold washcloth, or frozen seal teething toy) in the evening mom felt the tooth- aha!

4/27 fri 9 weeks

wore monkey pj’s from grandma today, and was very interested in the monkeys on the feet of the pjs. 🙂

4/28 sat

drove out to multnomah falls with grandma, dad and mom. grandma rode in back with quinn, who alternated napping and being awake in his carseat. quinn rode in the sling while we looked at the waterfall. a few trains went by and the horn startled quinn, but he didn’t really cry or fuss all afternoon! very calm and content.

4/29 sun

grandma vanhoeck left this morning. quinn stayed home with dad while mom drove grandma to the airport. quinn had his first bottle, full of milk from the freezer that mom had pumped during quinn’s hospital stay. he wasn’t sure about it at first, but then sucked down the whole 2 ounces rapidly and wanted to nurse as soon as he finished that- luckily mom had come home by then!

4/30 mon

back to our normal routine. quinn is becoming extremely talkative. he has a lot to say and it is impossible to resist a conversation with him. his eyes light up and he moves his whole body while he talks, telling his stories. then at bedtime, he wasn’t quite sleepy yet, so he laid in bed with me and told me a bedtime story, looking in my eyes the whole time to make sure i was listening. he seems to have outgrown most of his fitted diapers overnight- chubby legs! we went from being on the last set of snaps yesterday to an inch too small in one 24 hour period. amazing!

5/1 tues

growing! quinn had several hour-long feedings today, and i keep feeling as if i am completely empty after each feeding, including when i woke up this morning, which is when i usually feel full of milk. he also extended his naps today. luckily mom got one too, but mom could also use a fussy baby bath for herself….

5/2 wed

whenever someone new sees pictures of quinn they remark on how expressive he is… it’s true, he is very good at telling us how he feels with his facial expressions. lately i’ve been intrigued by the way his emotions are already becoming so complex- he will be slightly upset but also happy i’m there with him, and he gets a pouty-smiley face all at once. it’s very cute and fun to watch.

5/3 thurs

quinn is working hard on his hand-eye coordination lately, and he seems to already have the second step down- put it in mouth! if he misses the object he’s grabbing, he still sticks his fist in his mouth anyway.

5/4 fri 10 weeks

tried a hip carry with the pea pod sling today. works fine for quinn, but feels unbalanced for mom’s shoulders/back. quinn fell asleep in it while i worked in the kitchen.

5/5 sat

nana’s birthday- she would have been 90! and a great grandma. mom and i talked about how quinn being born makes us miss nana a lot lately. she would have been ecstatic about quinn!

5/6 sun

quinn has been very tolerant of mommy getting back to some of her hobbies. he’ll sit in the sling and watch the sewing machine needle go up and down while she sews new (bigger) diapers, or sit beside her on the couch and watch the needles move while she knits.

5/7 mon

grammy and grampy rew came to visit, arriving in the morning. mom and quinn were waiting outside to greet them. the new grandparents were very excited to hold quinn right away. quinn took a nap on grammy’s lap and later he walked around with grampy while grampy sang “the mighty quinn” and “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly”. quinn spit up a bunch and seemed a bit fussy again- possibly more teething going on?

5/8 tues

spent the day with grammy and grampy; decided not to drive to the coast, since we wanted to keep quinn’s routine as normal as possible given the teething. we’ll do the coast next time. spent time on grammy’s lap but also wanted to be in the sling quite a bit. also went in the pea pod to the store and fell asleep in the hip carry again.

5/9 wed

went for a walk with grammy and grampy downtown on the willamette river, riding in the sling and napping. ordered pizza hut and some chinese takeout for mommy (no cheese!) for dinner. got lots of hugs and kisses from grammy and grampy before they left.

5/10 thurs

quinn didn’t eat as much as usual yesterday and today. we went to mount tabor and tried out the stroller, which quinn tolerated for a while but then he switched to the old reliable sling and took a nap. it was a beautiful sunny day and quinn grabbed onto a green leafy bush and put the leaves in his mouth when we were getting ready to leave- working on that hand-eye coordination!

5/11 fri 11 weeks

quinn is 11 weeks old! the sweetest kiss in the world that you can ever get, is from a baby. a quinn kiss, to be exact. when i kiss his cheeks now, he turns his face toward my cheek so he can plant one on me, too- wide open mouth, usually with a little drool coming out of it. so sweet. he’ll even suck on my cheek if i let him.

5/13 sun mother’s day

quinn made his very first picture today- daddy helped him color a picture for mommy with a purple crayon! he said quinn didn’t want to let go of the crayon when he was finished coloring.

5/14 mon

started recording some of quinn’s stories with my old handheld recorder.

5/15 tues

brilliantly sunny day with perfect amount of breeze. irises have already been blooming at least a week, rhododendrons are amazing and roses are now in bloom. i made quinn a grabby toy- a piece of cloth with ribbon loops sewn around the edges, essentially. he is really grabbing for things now- he even got dad’s hair once today, and is working on some of the rattle toys.

5/16 wed

dad and mom invented the “baby caveman” edition of “baby einstein” activity gyms… sticks, twine, feathers, a sheep skin, pieces of bark and pine cones… some color added by mom  (marine stuffed animals) and some paper cut out faces that for some reason, quinn absolutely adores. quinn is practicing the ancient art of “falling asleep on one’s own” during his afternoon naps, and doing a great job at it!

5/17 thurs

uncle timmy’s birthday today. he and aunt natalie are moving back east, probably at the end of june. two or three days ago, i watched quinn push his binky toward his mouth with both hands and that was a big deal. just now i witnessed him holding onto his binky with thumb and forefinger (of his left hand- i think he’s left handed) to keep it in his mouth while he puts himself to sleep for a nap. he is growing up decidedly too quickly and i’ll have none of it. 🙂 aww shucks, i’m proud. what’s a mama to do with such a prodigy? dad’s first day working at hammer and hand was today.

5/18 fri 12 weeks

quinn and i ventured to portland state today and had our first lab adventure. i actually ran a pcr, and deb took us to lunch while quinn napped in the sling. in his baby caveman today, quinn ignored the toys for a while and watched the cat instead. he seems to realize cats are people too, all of a sudden. today i realized that 12 weeks is probably about when most parents stop measuring age in weeks and switch to months- i’m bewildered about how quickly time is flying!

5/19 sat

the irises are on their way out, peonies on their way in, and poppies (giant, not california!) are midway through their season. the rhododendrons and azaleas seem like they’re never going to quit. quinn and i took a long bus ride today to see dad working sound at the alberta street art hop. quinn loved the band march forth, especially their entrance since they marched through the crowd up to the stage. he was smiling big time. then it was back home for bathtime and a walk before bedtime.

5/20 sun

oh yeah, and roses are in bloom. how could i forget, in the city of roses? columbine, too. today was a relaxed day. we caught up on sleep or at least rest, and went to new seasons on a hunt for local produce. i bought one of each thing labeled “oregon” which was a total of 4 things- spinach, arugula, cilantro and potatoes. i skipped the oregon radishes and parsnips. still hoping to get to a farmers market soon! ran into shana, who knows quinn from yoga (she’s the teacher) and she comments on how big he is.

5/21 mon

this morning i was holding quinn when i stepped outside to put grampy’s birthday card in the mailbox and a hummingbird flew up to our flowerbed and quinn got to see it.

5/22 tues

today started cool and gray but finally got sunny and warm in late afternoon quinn helped me plant my tomato and chard and cilantro. he is getting very good at holding onto things, especially fabric- the sling, my shirt, his burp cloths and blankets.

5/23 wed 3 months!!!

quinn is 3 months old! that tooth he started to push out a month ago hasn’t budged, and no new ones have started either. (phew!) i’m happy that he decided to remain a baby just a little longer. time is flying, and  i will miss his little gummy smile when it gets all toothy, as much as i look forward to seeing that smile, too. he’s growing so fast it seems like you can see new inches every day. but as usual, his patient personality comes through again and again- ah, that tooth can wait, ma! it’s wonderful to feel like we really know him well now. getting to know him has been fun, but it is hard that first month when you feel like you’re guessing all the time. quinn will still surprise us on a regular basis, but he is so patient with us now, when we don’t get it right at first. he is very slow to get upset, and very quick to smile once you’ve taken care of his need. he’s so mellow and seems like he really trusts us that we’ll get to him as quick as we can, even if sometimes we’re quicker than others. in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense that he stayed in the belly so long. he’s a very contented little guy. on the other hand, he’s ready to move! he is the most wiggly baby you can imagine at 3 months, and as happy as he is now, i think he will be ecstatic when he can crawl… i hope we have a few more months before then, but you never know with this kiddo!

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