quinn’s twentieth month ~ ducks in a row


quinn picked out his own t-shirt this morning- his brown pisces shirt from aunt Lauren. He had a birthday party for Sydne today at daycare, and then we worked on packing for our trip to Portland. New words: curtain, breakfast, oatmeal…

19 months working on clip Photo0230

2972.11 Photo0284


we did a quick trip to the farmers market before we left town for Portland. Quinn had gotten up at 5:30 (early for him) so by the time we got on the road he was ready to settle in for a nap. He did really well in the car, sleeping a long time, then eating snacks and playing until we arrived at baby ariana’s house (“beebee ana!”) to drop off a cooler full of milk. Quinn got to play with his “milk sister” ariana for a few minutes, which was really nice. She is now 9 months old, and starting to stand up and cruise.

Then we were back on the road, to susan’s house, where ronan’s birthday party was just getting started. We ate ladybug cupcakes and homemade vanilla ice cream. quinn was really happy to hang out with his buddies “gippon” (gryphon) and “wo-wo” (ro) again. we took the new scooters to the park and they zoomed around, we took the boys to OMSI for old times’ sake, and we ate lots and lots and lots of good food. yummy burritos, farmers market potatoes with cheddar-beer sauce, farmers market veggies in a stir fry, blackberry pancakes… yum! i felt so well cared for!!!

19 months jungle gym Photo0246

at OMSI the 3 boys were all decked out in smocks and splashing around in the pool when i noticed quinn collecting all of the greenish-colored ducks out of the lake and setting them up on the ledge in front of him. he worked for several minutes at it, as one would invariably fall on the floor, or back into the water. But he eventually managed to get all of his ducks in a row, and he was very proud. (so was i.)

19 months ducks in a row 1 Photo0248

19 months ducks in a row 3 Photo0251

19 months ducks in a row 4 Photo0252

on Sunday quinn and I ran a few errands- had to get more gummi bear vitamins (“min-a-mins” are very popular with quinn at the moment- he requests one at almost every meal, but only gets one a day) at trader joes, and a few things from new seasons that we can only get in Portland.

Monday Quinn stayed with susan for a little while, as I took care of some things, and then we went to the park again in the afternoon- quinn was having a great time with a basketball someone had left behind. He also got to try ronan’s scooter and was even able to do the one-foot-on-one-foot-pushing action of scooters, he very obviously gets the conceptual end of it, and soon his motor skills will be right there.

19 months studying Photo0245

We drove home to quinn saying “happy day! Happy day!” as he had been saying all weekend (I finally figured out it is “happy birthday” but susan and I decided it shall be an every day phrase “happy day” from now on…) Quinn slept (it was bedtime) but woke up in Lincoln City and was pretty bummed to still be stuck in the car for another half hour- luckily that was all that was left of the trip! We went immediately to bed on arrival home.

There were so many new and refined words I lost track this weekend- ones I rememeber: frog, ribbit,










I picked quinn up from daycare at noon, because becky called and said he was not feeling well. He has been runny nosey for a few days, but nothing serious. But it was affecting his ability to have fun, for sure. Luckily it is October now so I had a sick day… just barely. He felt much better.

19 months 4 dada couch


the night before last i woke up to quinn giggling in his sleep! it was freakin hilarious. he just slept right through it.


a while ago i recorded a video of quinn looking at pictures and at the end i said “dada misses you very much” or something like that and quinn looked at the camera and i don’t know if i imagined it or wHAT but had this sigh that was like…way too mature for him by like 20 years.

he is an old soul… i actually imagined in that last bit where he sighs, that he said “yub dada” or “dada
uv” or something to that effect which i heard as i love dada. sigh. this morning he was talking about dada first thing again, and he picked up a piece of wood to act as a phone (anything can be a phone) and put it up to his ear and said “dada bum!” into his phone a bunch of times. last night he handed each of us one of the blocks that he uses for phones, and dada and i had a conversation from the kitchen to the living room (i was making dinner breakfast burritos) and quinn stood halfway between us just soaking it up.





Photo0278 aquarium village ship

19 months seals and sea lions at aquarium

19 months sea lions at aquarium


i made quinn a sling so he can carry his babies in it- got it all finished and laid it out on the couch for him next to the big sling, for when he woke up in the morning. except he woke up when i came to bed, and couldn’t get back to sleep. he nursed on and off, but would end up tossing or turning and needing to nurse more but finally he just got so frustrated and cried, and anything i asked him (do you want food? water? etc) he said NO! until i said do you
want to get up? YEAH… so we got up, there was the sling on the couch, he threw it on the floor (i did not expect him to be super happy about it in that mood though) and i couldn’t do ANYTHING to make him happy, he went over to the window that looks out on the driveway, and hid behind the curtain and any time i came near yelled “no!” and cried. so… it was 11:30 so i called his dad, thinking maybe he might have advice. he hadn’t asked for dada yet and i hadn’t really said anything about dada, thinking if dada wasn’t an option, why bring him up? but he was up,
actually out crabbing (crazy man. it’s full moon, he couldn’t sleep.) he said it would take him a long time to get there… and i said well he hasn’t asked for you yet… but just then quinn’s mad crying turned to sad desperate “dada” crying. oh man. so i asked him if he wanted dada, YEAH. we went to the fish dock, which was actually really cool
for me, just to walk out the pier with q in the sling, i never get to be on the water at night anymore (i have a baby) so i was loving it. then we got to see dada pull up his two traps, and then he packed it all on his bike (including a bucket of 5 crabs) and we followed him in the car back to his shop. (it’s a block or two away). and we hung out while he put the crabs in a cooler with an aerator for the night so he could deal with them today, and we got back in the car and went home. then quinn was so happy. and he wanted to clip the buckles on his new sling, and then he wanted it
“on. on. on.” and so i put it on him, and we put the monkey in it, then a duck and a raccoon who could both fit together. he was just happy.

the aquarium was really fun. i didn’t get to see the sharks last time so that was cool. quinn loved it. he would drag dada through all the tunnels in all the rocks, and wanted to do all the stairs.

19 months 13 smiling sling monkey19 months 16 kissing monkey

19 months vacuuming


last night quinn napped as soon as we got home, and that always sets things off. i figured we’d do the library, maybe even go buy groceries, if he seemed not tired yet after the lib. so we did that, and all was basically well. the library was fun, the stories were about squirrels (squirrels are our THEME – say in ani living in clip voice). he wasn’t all
caught up with dada at least. he made me go up and down the stairs at the library (two flights down to the children’s room) about 4 times before we could go check out our book and go home. so cute. then he asked for milk on the way to the car but i gave him peanuts and raisins mix (i always  have some snack available when we go places to facilitate getting him back into the car seat.) so he loved that. he thinks nuts and raisins are just the greatest thing in the world. he was happy when we got home. he wore his sling a little, he played well.

i guess around this age a lot of kids have their first nightmares, so that could be going on. i think there is teething involved (2 yr molars- he is yanking on his mouth a lot) and both becky and i think his recent upsets have everything to do with dad being back in the picture- she had mentioned at the end of the week last week (the 1st week of dad being back around) that q is doing a lot more hitting/throwing/etc and that she actually put him in time out at times
(in the pack and play) because he just needed to be alone to deal with himself. and i asked her this morning if she felt that was all pretty recent, ie since dada’s return and she said oh absolutely i think so. i told her jim was blaming it on me and she was like oh that’s a load of balogna…


quinn  had another rough night. he woke up at 3 with another dream (if that is what it is.) and cried a bit but i was able to keep him in the bed and get him to nurse, i just had to sit up and hold him in my lap first. usually i don’t even sit up when he wakes at night… so yeah my sleep is short and very broken up compared to normally… i woke
up at 7 and woke him up at 8:20 and we were less late than yesterday but still late… but he is making glitter pumpkin art today so he’ll have fun. and he has strawberries in his lunch because i felt like buying out of season fruit on sale.

2972.11 Photo0280


last night went much better… quinn had no night terrors (which i think is what they are, not nightmares. if that is what it even was, and not molars. sheesh) he did wake up quite a few times to nurse but it was the normal eh-grope-latch-on thing where no one even has to open their eyes and certainly not sit up. so i had 9 hours of fairly restful
sleep and he slept really really well from like 8 to 7:45. and he took a 3 hour nap at day care yesterday so he is getting caught up i think. i just read that being overtired can aggravate night terrors which was my hunch, which is why i was super happy about the nap and the relatively early bedtime (compared to this past week anyway.)

Photo0285 baking cookies together


Photo0291 painting



we had one more night terror friday night  from 2-2:57AM, and then none the last two nights, phew! he got upset when i was going to leave him at daycare this morning, so i stayed a little longer again but he just needed a couple more hugs and then he was ready to go color, and it’s so cute, when he decided he was ready for me to leave he brought me my coat. (i had worn it over both of us this morning but took it off to get him out of the sling). so cute. sometimes he lets me out the sliding door and closes it behind me, little doorman.

we had a really good weekend. went sailing on saturday afternoon, quinn fell asleep in the boat and i froze my butt off. in fact i’m still chilled from it. that paddle was in our garage, left behind by former owner (before my landlords) and they said we can have it. so that one is for Q. how cute is that?

sunday we attempted to hike but Q just wanted us all to stand in the moss together, and play in the sand together, and not hike very far. then after nap we took him to the beach and he decided to climb all the way to the top of this long staircase that basically gets you from the beach up to the top of the cliff where civilization is (we usually just take the ramp) he had so much fun “stepping!”

19 months 6 ready to sail

19 months 8 boat bunnies yum

Photo0289 napping on boat

Photo0290 ready to sail


quinn and i each ate a gigantic bowl of brown rice, squash, and salty squash seeds. best dinner last week, i know it’s ridiculously simple. my son loves orange-yellow veggies though. he has sweet potato in his lunch today.

19 months 9 ponytail







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