quinn’s twenty-second month ~ “piddy yites”



some of his musical faves are:
baby loves jazz
taj mahal young at heart
not for kids only jerry garcia and david grisman
a children’s celebration of folk music
in harmony (sesame street tribute)

but he really loves regular music just as much, honestly. i can put on michael franti and he is just bopping away. he loves happy upbeat music basically, but even “pretty” quiet music gets him dancing- he is so into dancing, i just love it.



he’s riding on his moose and holding his apple that he asked to eat, and when he got the apple from me he put it into a yogurt cup to eat it- so here he is with it munched all the way down to the cup like an ice cream cone.

Photo0377 brightened

awe and wonder; christmas lights at the aquarium




he kept choosing his yellow fleece jacket all weekend- he LOVEs yellow. he has fleece in every color of the rainbow and sometimes i give him two to choose from, or sometimes i say what color jacket do you want to wear? if yellow is an option, he picks yellow. i finally had to wrestle him out of it last night because it is filthy and needed to be
washed (and not worn to bed).

21 months 2

21 months 3


sunday we went for a sail, which was awesome, the best sail yet, super nice weather but enough wind (not cold) to basically go across the bay, and it was just very cool. here’s the boy in the bottom of the boat, snacking.

21 months 4


i got him this new book, called zen shorts. i knew it was a bit older than him (amazon says it is K-grade 4 age) but i am just basically starting a collection, and don’t mind if he doesn’t want to read some of them until he grows into them or whatever.the first time or two i tried reading it to him, he got bored halfway and said all done. so that’s cool. but lately, and especially yesterday and last night at bedtime, he is now OBSESSED with the book. it is a story of three kids, addy, michael and karl, who met and panda named stillwater, and they each go to visit him and he tells each of them a story (all of which have zen meanings in them). quinn has a huge crush on addy right now- where did addy go? if i get too involved in one of the other kids, he’ll ask where addy is. but he does let me read through the entire book now, AND then he wants to start again at the beginning, or go back to an addy section and read that… over and over. i am so in love with my son. susan has said before (when Q started his “happy day” thing, which he still does) that she thinks he is a shaman or something. and i’m like…. hmmmmm. he is making me re-read and re-read these zen meditations to him…. or is he making me read them to MYSELF?

the last “zen  short” in the book is called the heavy load. 2 monks are walking (on a long journey) and they see this woman who is scolding her attendants because she has no way to get across this puddle without ruining her
silk robes, and they are holding too many of her packages to help her across. the younger monk notices, and keeps walking. the older monk stops, carries the woman across the mud on his back, and puts her down. she doesn’t thank him, continues scolding her attendants. the monks continue on their way. then hours later, the younger monk has been stewing about it all day, and he finally says, hey, that woman back there was so rude and yet you carried her on your back! and she didn’t even thank you! and the older monk replies… i put the woman down hours ago. why are YOU still carrying her?

it just dawned on me last night (after quinn made me read it for the 4011th time) that maybe i need to stop carrying some stuff now…….
21 months 9


he is pretty solid on green and red and blue and orange now. he has known purple and yellow for a while of course. he sometimes still mixes up the others, and i wonder about red-green color blindness and such, but i think it is just his brain getting them organized.
did i tell you he kisses me on the cheeks now? he says “cheek!” to get me to present one, then he kisses it, then grins at me, then turns my head and kisses the other one.

this morning i asked him to bring me his shoes and he said “tay mama” which i took to mean “okay mama”.
last night quinn asked to paint… so i got out a piece of fabric and taped it to the floor for him to paint on. but he got a little wild with the paint and while i had my back turned, he painted his whole face- i actually watched him surreptitiously rather than stopping him (it was much too late to save him from needing a bath anyway, so i figured what the heck) and he was so cute, the thoughtful look as he put red all over his right cheek. then i came back in and he told me “red face! red face!” then he was starting to get really nutty and trying to put his fully painted hands on furniture, so we got in the bathtub. he then refused to put on a diaper after bath was over, and ran into the kitchen to play, and then once again i turned my back for two seconds, and i heard “uh-oh mama, uh-oh mama!” and i look and he had pooped on the floor. hilarious. what an evening.
21 months 12 21 months 16 Photo0404 21 months 17

he is getting really good about not putting things in his mouth. he sometimes still does, like with a little devil look on his face. but like this week i got out the crayons. he has been doing mostly markers because they don’t have that inviting “eat me” wax smell like the crayons do, but now he seems like he understand to just color with them. so we color with “tans” now too.



yesterday after he napped he rode in the stroller and we went to the asian market to buy cookie cutters and then
we made farm animal sugar cookies. after that i tried to get him to play with his dad who had just gotten there, and he kept coming back to me “tooking!” he loves cooking so much it’s hilarious. so he was spooning the beans onto the tortillas, adding the cheese. he thinks it’s the BEST thing in the world.




i put up colored lights on the mantle this morning before quinn woke up and he was totally in love with them- wouldn’t sit in his high chair in the other room, because “piddy yites!” (pretty lights) were in the other room. so he ate his bagel on the couch and just looked at the piddy yites and kept saying it over and over.
21 months 18


21 months 21


21 months 23










quinn started saying “pretty cool, huh?” i realize i say it all the time when i’m showing him things… so he was figuring out that he could spin this string with a block tied to the end, and it would swing around, and he kept going “piddy too-el, huh!” (a statement, not a question.)

quinn said my name the other day. he was sitting at the dinner table with me, and i was preoccupied maybe i was  reading or just staring into space and he was going mama, mama, mama. (i realized after) and then he said,”mimi-beff!” i was amazed. he said it a bunch more times that night, but not since then (several days ago now.)






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