quinn’s twenty-ninth month ~ quinn and the giant salmonberry



last night we went to the beach with the seals but didn’t go see the seals or even the tidepools we just hid behind a log and a rock from the wind and played in the sand and had milk. got some good laughing pictures of my silly boy.





6-28-09 (added from found notebook 8-18-2020)

Quinn told me his dream as he woke up: ” I was walking and I saw a doggie.”

“What did the doggie look like?”

“It was purple and geen.”

“Oh wow, you were walking and saw a purple and green doggie?”

“Yeah. And then I saw a woozle!”

“Whoa! What did the woozle look like?”

“It had a BIG HEAD.”

“What color was the woozle?”

“Geen and purple and geen and yewwow!”

“Wow! So then what happened?”

“I caught the woozle and I put it in the pan!”

(Reading Pooh chapter books lately, Q loves the heffalump and woozle stories, and imagines catching them and cooking them when he is playing in his kitchen.)


quinn in the backyard blowing bubbles; his beautiful grubby shining face, i think it was thursday night we just sat out there for an hour or so, and the wind would carry them up in sort of a spiral, and then if they started out big, once they got to the top of our roof, they’d split apart into a bunch of smaller bubbles once they got the full force of the wind (it has been super windy for days on end, but sunny!)

Photo1130\ Photo1131




yesterday at seal rock- tidepooling. by the end he was soaked up to the knee, then rolled in the sand, as he does. he loves to “commune” with nature.





it was a good weekend overall. fm was AWESOME. the boys were so good, and we had a good spot and the weather was fabulous, it didn’t get real windy till the very end. sunday we went to seal rock and it was super low tide, and then we drove up the river to look at boats, and then quinn napped and i sewed. later quinn and i got to just do a whole bunch of kitchen stuff (bread, muffins, etc) and then we read pooh and snuggled in the rocking chair.




it has just been glorious here. windy but so sunny. quinn and i were out in the yard until 9:30 last night chopping wood and gardening. the garden is coming a long way and i’m practicing chopping my own wood, and getting better. quinn was honest though: “you’re not very good at that, mama.”


asleep in “the purple bed”







my garden has been planted. 🙂 7 tomato plants, a broccoli, a pumpkin. that’s all, really. we also planted a bunch of seeds, but it is obviously a bit late for that. but some of it will still be fine, it’s spinach, kale and more broccoli. also calendula and marigold flowers. marigolds are supposed to repel slugs, which i need. only i planted seeds so of course i will still have slugs for a while but hopefully they’ll be up and flowering by the time i have tomatoes on my plants. (they are all cherry tomato and plum tomato little ones, which is all that really grows well here, which is fine because i love em!)



it’s sunny here but you can only go outside for 5 minutes before you get frost bite from the wind. actually q and i went to otter rock beach again last night and had a blast, and got totally numb but we had a great time in our winter jackets. didn’t get home till 9:30 and q went straight to bed.


quinn has been so much fun in the evenings, we have hung out in the backyard a lot, and like i said last night froze our butts off at the beach. throwing dried out kelp floats up into the wind and watching them fly down the beach… throwing rocks in the water splash!


he reiterated last night that i am not good at splitting wood.


Fireworks and puff the magic dragon in the fog.


lately he is really into pretending, and he is catching heffalumps and woozles (from winnie the pooh) and he is all about “being” things like he was a red fish one day at the beach, and another beach day he was a green frog (hopping around saying “ribbit”) and then yesterday he told me “i’m in the giant peach book!” (we’ve been reading james and giant peach again) and he told me he was in the book and that he was walking with dada in the book, to the giant peach to see it and eat it.


on a hike i picked him a whole BUNCH of salmon berries, and he just kept eating them and eating them. i found a gigantic one and said it’s quinn and the giant salmon berry.


the flavor of salmon berries is not like a delicacy to most people (thimbleberries might be) but to me they taste just like the earth, and therefore i just kept picking and picking them for quinn and filling him full of them, like HERE EAT THE EARTH it is good for you.


quinn has discovered that he loves ice cream (ice team, formerly known as ice-seam) and i bought cookies and cream ice cream last week, thinking he might like to share a treat with me in the evenings… every night after we come inside from the yard (after dinner, etc., usually around 9 pm) he says “i want cookies da team, mama!” actually he frequently asks to eat it for dinner, but i have so far persuaded him that his body needs some healthy food for dinner and then treats are for after dinner.


my salad has flowers in it.



the rews are gonna be here august 20-26th!



weekend: we didn’t really do anything exciting (weather) but i did some stuff around the house, had a fun morning with Quinn on sunday just running errands, then stopped at the library and got some books out for quinn (charlotte’s web and some smaller books, most of which i now want to own….) but he was a champ and we just bonded, and had a muffin together at panini (where i get coffee on weekends) and went to the hardware store and
did a few little “bum” things around the house together (closet rod in bedroom closet, hooks on back of bathroom door for towels, that kind of thing).




quinn and i had a lovely evening. we walked to the co-op, he in the sling on my back, and bought red gapes (grapes) and a few things i needed (pectin for making strawberry jam, yeast for baking bread) and then went home, kneaded the bread dough, then went for another walk, down our street to the elementary school to play on the playground. we walked slowly, picking salmon berries as we went. i told quinn he was going to turn into a salmon berry if he ate a lot more of them, (seriously, he was FEASTING) and he said “i’m a salmon berry, mama!” so i asked what color- red, orange or yellow. he decided against those and went with purple. then he went up the play structure and down the yellow curly slide as if he’s been doing it all his life every day. he is a monkey! he burned lots of energy, and i just got to watch. lots of kids playing, and some were doing a dance class (like traditional folk dancing it looked like) and quinn at one point went close to where the dancing was going on, and started bopping and tapping his foot to the beat.

when we got home we made pizza, quinn ate two hot dogs, some beets, some chick peas, and one piece of pizza. he went to bed shortly thereafter, but slept horribly, tossed and turned nursed nonstop, and then woke me up at 3 wanting water-in-a-sippy-cup. so we went down to get it WITHOUT turning on any lights and went back up to bed and i dozed on and off while he talked about garbage cans, trying to help himself fall to sleep, and nursing on and off. i don’t know how long he was awake for, i kept fading in and out of consciousness. but it was good- he was safe, but i didn’t have to be fully awake because he was happy to just lie there and talk. but alas i am tired today. but it’s sunny and nice and i get to go outside for work this afternoon for a couple hours…


quinn got glitter glue paint this week- red.



i’m reading “unconditional parenting” by alfie kohn, and it is rocking my world…



the weekend was sunny and windy. i made $83 at the FM, and had some people take cards with intentions of buying stuff, and an upcoming order for 4 or 6 diapers…. much better than last week when i made $4. quinn was having a tough morning, he seemed a little overwhelmed by the wind, which i could relate to. he wanted milk about an hour into it, so i sat with him in the chair (glad i brought it!) for an extended session, and then i finally told him the milk was empty and did he want to get up on mama in the sling? he said yes, so i put him on my front, and he went to sleep…. it was like 10:30… he normally naps at 1:30… yikes! i was afraid he was getting sick, but i don’t think so. i think he just decided to rearrange nap schedule that day. he slept on me for over an hour (advertising for slings) and then he woke up and noah had arrived, and he was happy and ate berries…..


i just realized i drive 2.3 miles to work every day… and i could be kayaking 0.5 miles to work every day…… hmmmmm i am going to have to ponder this, and see if i can find a cheap used kayak….  i have been discouraged about biking, the bridge is just so ridiculous (narrow sidewalk) and it is usually so windy crossing it, and i just haven’t been in the routine. i could use the arm workout.

7-23-09 ~ 29 months! (added to this post 8-18-2020 from found notebook)

Having moved June 1st, and working the farmer’s market every week, I have been less consistent about recording Quinn events, but I know I will be able to pull a lot of daily stuff out of my emails to Lauren. I am hoping to get back in the habit of writing, because although I never stated this as my goal, I’d like for Quinn to be able to look back and read about all the things we did before he was old enough to remember.

This month has been a growing month- Q has been enjoying buffalo hot dogs, crab meat, and albacore tuna from Lee’s fishing boat, and I keep thinking he needs all the protein he can get at the rate he’s growing! His vocabulary is astounding, he says everything from “albacore tuna” (albatore is his pronunciation; also a note that coloring is pronounced “cuthering”) to “eventually” to “frustrated,” all (for the most part) in proper context – he is very articulate about what he sees, what he is doing, what he wants to do, how he is feeling. This morning he spoke in his sleep as I was waking up, “the seagulls drink the water, mama.” Yesterday he had a fishing adventure with dada, and caught his first three fish! He and dada also built a “little house” “in the backyard out of sticks. Quinn is a super helper in the garden, and we have been doing lots of yard work and bubble blowing together.

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