quinn’s thirty-sixth month ~ balloons and a red party hat on



yesterday was awesome. we spent an hour and a half at the co-op and on a wednesday morning it is CHILL.

he brought me stacks of those big cardboard blocks telling me they were messages for me. i asked him to read one of the messages to me and he said:
“the message reads
Mama M
Love, Quinn”


2-5-10 (added 8-27-20 from found notebook)


beading/making veggies out of different colored beads and using green pipe cleaners for stems.


quinn and i walked to the children’s festival that was going on down the street from our house. quinn called it “the festibal of kids” later. yes, festival with a b. i was concerned that quinn would be too overwhelmed with people, it was crowded and loud. live performances going on onstage, lots of little booths where you could do little projects and get face painted and so on. we stopped in to one of these festibals at halloween, and only stayed for 10 minutes and he was too overwhelmed, but this was better. $2 and this is what we did. he got a balloon when he walked in the door- with helium. now, i provide this child with serious numbers of balloons, for a marine biologist who knows that balloons go into the ocean and get eaten by sea turtles. of course i dispose of mine not in the ocean, but still. i’d have none at all, if he wasn’t so taken with them. but he is, so i buy them. we always have some blown up, around the house. but not helium ones! he was completely entranced, walking around with this yellow balloon looped around his wrist (he chose yellow over green, i was surprised) and looking up at it lovingly. we went immediately to the building station, because i sensed it was a bit loud in the room, knew he’d be interested in pounding some nails, and it was outside the main room so slightly less loud (except for the pounding). speaking of pounding, i had a headache all that day. ugh. but i’m looking into some things- i think i am mineral deficient! more on that later. but anyway, they had this cool setup where you could build a truck! so we did that (7 nails, 4 screws- this kid has SUCH an attention span! and good aim with a hammer of course….) after that, he was seeming less stunned by the crowds/noise, so we stopped and made a necklace. (on friday we had been doing a lot of beading at home- putting beads and shells onto pipe cleaners, painting them to become veggies for his little garden, and adding green fabric and green pipe cleaner stems and leaves.

at the festibal of kids, he made a necklace, and i swear, 50 kids came and went from that station, while he was working very diligently on his necklace. everyone we knew was there, i’m not even exaggerating. so then we made a piece of paper! after those three projects, quinn was ready to just play in the birdseed sandbox they had set up (with bulldozers and scoops and shovels and dinosaurs) with friends. at one point, quinn’s balloon slipped off his wrist and went up to the ceiling and he CRIED. oh poor baby. of course we went right up and got him another yellow balloon. but THEn someone came around with a long bamboo stick, and got all the kids balloons DOWN from the ceiling that had escaped, and quinn got his first one back and he was SO HAPPY. i told him, “you are a lucky dude! you got TWO yellow balloons to bring home!” yesterday he was repeating the “story of the balloons” to me over and over and he’d say “and i’m a lucky dude!” haha. we talked about how these balloons float up, and they have helium which is lighter than air, etc. all the way home, he had them tied on AND was holding both strings in a death grip with his other hand. i tried to explain that if he had them tied, and was holding my hand, they couldn’t get away. when we got home, he was still afraid to let them go even though i reassured him we could get them anywhere in the house if they went up, and he was NOT to be reassured, and he could not nap until he had tucked the balloons safely away inside a box. then he napped in the happy spot.

last night, we took the wheels off quinn’s truck, and he painted it. he painted the entire thing black, with a little red streakiness in it. he wants a stripe but hasn’t decided what color the stripe will be yet. OH i love it, his black cherry truck. it is going to be great for taking veggies to the farmers market, i can just tell!!!

his latest words are “perhaps” and “bother.” winnie the pooh says “oh bother” all the time and quinn now says it whenever he is frustrated. “BOTHER!” i just about die every time, trying not to laugh. i didn’t need to teach him that. i don’t even say “perhaps.” no more f bombs lately… i am hoping he has found his replacement word. BOTHER! i LOVE it.


2-10-10 (added 8-26-20 from found notebook)

white dog story (hair)

“i would like a pound of yogurt and a pound of cookies please.”

2-14-10 (added 8-26-20 from found notebook)

“barnacles” = granola bars.



we had a fabulous day yesterday. just quinn and i hanging out…. we were out in the yard a lot, planting baby seeds (i know it seems wrong… spinach and snow peas! they have covers…) and we planted a bunch more in egg cartons and have those inside the house. worked on firewood. quinn did a lot of “crabbing” with his long yellow rope (a beach find) and some buoys (also beach scores) he had me tie on my two soup pots to be the crab traps.we are so spoiled……. it was probably 60 yesterday! it was fabulously sunny and not windy and it felt SOOOO nice.


“peas are balls.” ~quinn



last night- went to beach after work and stayed till a little after sunset, he got soaking wet splashing in the stream!



oh we had a great weekend. yesterday quinn and i spent hours on the beach, at low tide at otter rock, where the seals live, and it was AMAZING tidepooling. quinn was barefoot, and he just had a great time. his dad’s bday present to him is a fish tank, which they went out together and bought on friday- he has it set up already, and the real “present” part has been ongoing, collecting little critters to put in it. so quinn and i collected 5 hermit crabs and some nice rocks with algae on them. we caught some tiny fish out behind his dad’s shop in the salt marsh on friday after work, so it’s already a pretty bustling little tank.

while we were at the tidepooling beach yesterday, quinn pointed to a large, deep pool and told me “don’t float away in there” and then he said to me, “if you float away in there, i will get another mama to hang out with me.” 🙁 poor kid. of course i kept assuring him i was right with him and would not float away. he is processing SOOOOOO  much in the world right now. i have lots more thoughts on this on a daily basis, but that was the one that really stuck out to me yesterday. he is really getting ideas in his head about people coming and going and living and dying…. and working it all out.

he has also been so super sweet lately, when i get to the shop to pick him up, if they come outside to meet me, he will practically jump out of his skin in glee, and i can hear him through the car window yelling “i’m so really glad to see you!!!!” and his lovey phrase of choice lately is “i love being with you” (as he snuggles up beside me). he will sometimes say it a dozen times in a day. it’s such a nice little phase.

Photo2135 Photo2137 Photo2138 Photo2139 Photo2144

Photo2148 Photo2152 Photo2153



ok so i’m in denial that my baby is three years old. i think i am having trouble with documenting the birthday in writing because of it. i mean… he can’t be three!!!!!!

the evening of his birthday, quinn was talking about diapers i picked up to move someplace, asking me which baby they were for, and they were tiny ones and i said no not baby hope or baby emery, these are for even tinier babies than them. and he said:

“i know a baby. it was me. he was born all day, but then he was not born anymore. he was three. and he had balloons and a red party hat on.”


Photo2160 Photo2177 Photo2184

it’s so crazy how when he was two (and yet big) everyone would ask how old are you? i understand now- it was all the people who thought he was three. any three year old knows he is three. two year olds are like wtf is this crazy person asking me?

quinn LOVES his maracas. he was dancing and playing them last night. he asks me to sing so he can “do his shakers”. he also does say “my maracas” because he is so wordy.

his stories are so awesome. this morning i stuck him in the car, then went back in to get stuff and come out. i came around to help him buckle his carseat, and  said what were you doing? he said, “i was talking to the plants.” oh, were you telling them to grow big and strong? “no, i was telling them about my bagel. it was a looong story.”

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