just go!

spontaneous 13-hour camping trip, saturday night. with our busy schedules, including attending the farmers market every saturday morning, we have had limited time for camping, but we decided we *need* to just go. so we went. it was fabulous! we saw another owl (this one did screechy-whistle sounds at us, and was much darker than the one we saw the other day. i am still trying to identify them both. the other day i think we were looking at a juvenile, and this one seemed more mature.) mostly we just lay there in our tent which we set up as the sun was setting, snuggled up close, listening to the sounds of the birds change to the sounds of the insects, changing finally into the sound of stillness. in the wee hours of the morning, i was greeted by the sounds of the ocean roughly 15 miles downhill from where we were camped, it was that peaceful.

setting up his tent beside our giant cedar friend

waking up to a beautiful sunny day

brief fleeting moment of mama time with journal and camp coffee

after a somewhat stressful week, this was the perfect medicine. so often we are so busy, going places and doing things and *needing* to get 57 chores done before bedtime, and this was a great way to leave it all behind for a short time and just be.

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