our play tables

i was inspired recently to make our dining room table more available for eating again (we rarely eat there, but it’s nice to be able to if we want to) but i needed some place for all the piles of books and random trays of drying herbs to go…. so i set up a table i had found next to a dumpster recently and propped it up using some reclaimed pvc pipes, because then i could sit at it on my old bar stool (i love to “perch” but haven’t had a place to do so since living in this house). as i worked on this, i realized that enormous amounts of intention and self-nurturing energy were going into this, and it really took on a life of its own once i started moving the piles of books around. i like to have a name for each little “nook” of the house, but desk did not feel quite right. then i thought it’s my unschooling table… then i realized, that where quinn does his best unschooling, is a little nook otherwise known as his “play table”. so i decided that this is mama’s play table:

it’s really not much to look at, not nearly as stylish as quinn’s play table (built by his dad for his second birthday).

quinn at play table age 2

play table tree legs from below

still, i am having a blast playing……

the latest addition was that i finally got my mp3 player hooked up to some speakers so we can have tunes on random all evening long while we “play”! unschool is so much fun.

2 comments to our play tables

  • Sandy Lipkin

    How awesome to read this after having been in your home….sweet pic of Quinn…

  • Mama Free

    I love your play table!!!!! Can you send me better ones of Quinn's? I will post a blog with some play areas we have constructed (still in early stages) for Noble. Heehee, we have some of the same books! I look forward to my new home being a bit more settled, so I can take pics of my new favorite places here :)) I love your red wall 🙂 How fun!

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