one of my main motivations for having this blog is to create a space to store all of my mama reminiscences in one place, to be able to look back at, both for myself and quinn as he grows, and to share with friends and family. i’m slowly beginning the process of compiling all of the older versions of mama notes (from myspace, cafemom, etc.) into this blog, beginning with quinn’s first month. i have gotten three months in now, which you can either get to one by one by clicking the arrows at the top of the page, or by navigating through the “archives” menu on the sidebar, organized by date. i’m back-dating these posts so they are dated for the time frame when they would have really been written, rather than posting them as “new” posts.

and for new friends, you’re in for a treat because quinn is one of the squishiest cutest babies on the planet!!!

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