stamping fun

inspired by this post, quinn and i did some crafty stamping with clay yesterday. we used what we had around, which was sculpee clay, but the post talked about plasticene. i never follow rules, and tend to just use what i have on hand (this stuff has been around for probably a year in an airtight container and is still pliable), so this is what we came up with, and it was fun!

the sculpee clay had a nice consistency to it once i had worked it in my hands for a few minutes. we then flattened out one end of a clump of it, and made whatever shape. quinn enjoyed poking the clay with a toothpick. i used a fish button to make this one:

and had fun reshaping the flower petal stamp each time to make each one around the sunflowers become unique.

here is quinn’s sunflower, in his favorite color:

another fun technique was to use a cookie cutter to imprint the shape. the star shown here is done that way, as well as the bunnies pictured above, while the spirals were done with a long snakey piece wound into, (uh), a spiral!

i would agree with the author of the above-mentioned post, that one of the best parts of this activity is the impermanence of each stamp- just the act of stamping with it changes each shape until a stamp is pretty flattened out and ready to evolve into the next creation. it is a fun, dynamic process. we’ll definitely revisit this one throughout the rainy months…

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