the most interesting trees

cape lookout, oregon

the most interesting trees in the forest are the ones that have been through the most devastating damage, only to survive and send out new limbs, over and over again, stronger than ever where the scars heal over, valiantly reaching gnarled knuckles towards the sunlight to press on through whatever the next storm may bring. it can be very hard for survivors to be gentle with themselves about the gnarls and whorls (physical, emotional or spiritual in nature) that are now part of them due to the things they’ve been through. if you can identify with the word “survive” and relate to those “gnarls”, and maybe even relate a teensy bit to the feelings of dislike towards your own gnarls, i invite you to stand up tall and reach for the sun, and know in your heart that your story, the very essence of you that you bring to this world, is more intriguing because of those ways you’ve learned how to survive. i invite you to be gentle with yourself and love yourself, you, the whole tree, the whole package, gnarls and all.

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