~this moment~

a  friday ritual. a single photo capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special moment. a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

inspired by soulemama

2 comments to ~this moment~

  • Oh, I must hear the story behind this picture!!! I hope I'm not ruining the point of the post (like maybe it is suppose to be unspoken?), but I love the context, especially with you guys, intentional mama <3

  • marybethrew

    oh no, it doesn't ruin it for me at all. i mean, i like the idea of wordless posts, but then there are so many times i *need to add at least a title, or a comment, or a little blurb of explanation… just because some of the magic can't be understood just through the image. i know that other mamas who do "this moment" posts do the same, and occasionally have a two or three picture "this moment" because sometimes, that's how this moment is. 🙂 in this case, we were hiking in a wilderness area near where we live. wilderness areas are not only roadless and out of the way places, but they also do not allow for trail maintenance with any kind of noise-making gas-guzzling equipment (no chainsaws etc.) so you get REAL wilderness, or as untainted as possible in this world (if they do trail maintenance, it's with hand tools- on this day we counted rings on one fallen, sawn log that was over 100 years old when it fell). it's amazing how different it can be in there- while the state parks are overly groomed and almost look as if they have been vacuumed and swept and dusted and rotting old snags like this one are not at all left to do their slow decaying, in wilderness areas, there are tons of these, and they are what feed the forest, of course. it's a cycle, and in most of our "wild" places (national parks, etc.) there is a link taken out of the chain, because decaying old logs aren't "pretty" or they get in the way of walkways, etc. soap box aside, lol, i just love every glimpse i get of quinn appreciating a tree, a log, a leaf, any "being" he encounters in nature. i am not sure whether he was talking to it, studying it, "helping" it on its way to falling apart, or just taking it all in, or a combination of all of the above.

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