hiking at seal rock state park recently, we happened upon a patch of false lily of the valley plants, all of which had berries and looked like they were on their last legs, and strung gracefully in between the plants were many small spider webs. and all of this with dramatic late afternoon sunbeams streaming through it… the plants are Maianthemum dilatatum… apparently the berries are edible, but considered “bitter”. i had this distinct feeling while we were there that we could eat them, but i hadn’t read up on them so we refrained. extra credit for anyone who can identify the spider! that would not be me (at least not from these photos).

knowing the storms that have come in off the ocean in the past days since that visit, i am sure that none of these intricate webs and very few of the frail stems of these lovely little plants are still standing… fall always has me meditating on impermanence, and the natural pull we feel to keep starting over with a new cycle, even though all of what we put our energy into will ultimately wither and blow away, like the skeletal remains of dessicated plants.

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