through his eyes

as promised, a picture of me taken by my personal photographer, age 3.

i never saw myself smile so big before i had him! i am glad that’s what he gets to see. (including what’s in the background!)

2 comments to through his eyes

  • I thought I had commented on this already! Well, I was going to say something along the lines of… I know what you mean — I have seen pics of me looking at Noble (taking a pic of me) and thought he is so blessed to have someone look at him like that — everyone should have someone look at them like that <3

    • marybethrew

      i wonder if you are thinking of your reply to the "my photographer" post… because you said something along those lines there, and by the way, your encouragement to include more pictures of myself has been a big deal for me. just so you know. i feel the love. 🙂

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