simple poems

many of the things my little boy says are poetry to my ears:

12-4-10 on our way somewhere… (i manage to gather a fraction of these bits of poems on scraps of paper and a few of them survive the trip through the laundry in the pocket of my jeans and make it all the way here- so the context is often completely obliterated from my mind by the time i am typing them up.)

“…breathing the breeze and smelling the sun….”

last night 12-22-10 after saying goodnight to the moon, in its hazy glowing not-quite-clouded-over-yet beauty, on our way back from picking him up at dada’s:

“the moon is pulling its cloud blankets up over itself.”

i love the possibilities that are open in his mind- so little is off limits. he has been doing a lot of drawing lately, and having me collaborate quite a bit in the process to “help” him with the hard parts. i just love seeing how his brain puts things together, how mama and dada’s legs are so infinitely long, sprouting directly from our heads, and how mouths only sometimes matter but eyes- they always matter.

he finds it important to connect things- like when he draws the eyes on his people, he “attaches” them with string to the skull. or if the lines we use to draw the boat don’t meet up perfectly, he lashes them together with some rope and then advises both dada (who’s not in the room) and me to “keep your sure on you to never ever untie that line, ever!” we don’t want the boat sinking, now do we? he also likes to draw arrows so things know which way they are going.

“and here is an arrow pointing which way the little green boat is going. it’s going to the orange house with just mama because quinn is at the shop with dada.”

“did mama take quinn to the shop in the boat?” i asked.

“yeah. that’s the way some people do it. you poke a lot of holes in the road, and it makes water. then you don’t drive your cars, you drive your boats and canoes.”

it is so pretty in his head. 🙂

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