…on the positive. remember how i said last week that i wouldn’t be disappointed if the whole boat thing doesn’t pan out? well, i realized i could express that better (and more positively): no matter how this turns out and where we physically dwell 😉 at the end of the day, i am going to be content with myself for putting legwork into this, and proud of the decision we make. finally, why in the world would “disappointed” cross my mind at all, if we end up on land instead… the universe works in funny ways, and i can’t say much more about that right now other than i’m starting to wonder if the universe has heard my intention of “land/permaculture” more loudly than my one about “boat”.

either way, i am feeling sooo connected right now.

in boat news, i have now toured the other marina, with quinn’s hand in mine. there had been some sort of oil or gas leak and the water looked nasty. funny, because this was the expensive marina, and we were really just looking to see if any boats were for sale in our price range. it made me sad to see the water looking so abused, and i tucked that image away in my mind… i don’t want to cause further pollution to the marine environment, it is something i rage against! so that is going to be a big consideration in choosing a boat (and an engine!)

note to self: look up whether diesel boat engines have been converted to veggie oil yet…

look at this cool hobbit boat we saw:

how cool is that heart-shaped door?!

quinn notices such subtleties about boats. it is fun to see the things he picks up on, to notice which boats have “that special something” for him.  they do not always match the ones i choose (he likes the little platform on the back of some of the speedracer plastic boats, for example), but then i am old and set in my wooden ship ways. we do both like some of the old cabin cruisers we’ve seen. but i tend to be drawn to the (way out of reach, in terms of $) ketches with wooden spars and such.

some of the boats i have lived on in the past:

that’s the schooner californian, which i sailed on after my stint on the schooner harvey gamage, the boat whose main boom is in the foreground (and on whose deck i was standing when i took the picture). here’s the bosun of the gamage ca. 2000:

it being crabbing season right now, quinn is quite consumed with checking out the amateur crab trap gear stacked by many of the yachts we walked by. “that one doesn’t have a bait box, mama!” loving the little observer boy.

how was your week of dwelling in your intentions?

~dwell~ is a project devoted to dwelling in my intentions- giving them energy and watching them take shape!

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