emerging idea~intention~thing

a liveaboard boat.

i mean, my mom wasn’t surprised to hear the idea. she figures if anyone is going to do something like live on a boat with a small boy, and pull it off, it’s me.

i mean, i got up the nerve to tell my mom about it. i must be actually maybe possibly considering it like for real.

i mean, he’s really interested in boats. (you’re yawning at the mere mention of boats if you’ve been reading along.) he’s even learning how to swim. (oh yeah and i might kind of sort of like boats, too.)

how small can i make myself? do i want to know? what do we really need anyway, space-wise?

i can only think of one single piece of furniture we couldn’t just sell. quinn’s play table. otherwise…. i might bring the rocking chair. the rest can happily go. sewing machines are another matter entirely….

all i need is a little space to sew. right? is that even feasible on a boat? i better go look at some and find out… cuz this idea does not seem to want to be excused lightly… it has been tapping me on the shoulder for quite a number of months now.

i can’t help but feel cautious (cackling laughter as i publish it for the world to see. but no really, i feel cautious) and wonder if my head is screwed on correctly when i think this will actually help us save some money for even bigger and better future plans. ones involving land~permaculture~self-sufficiency~growing old.

will we get stuck? will we like it as much as i think we will? will it be as much fun as in mokie and bik, as charming as the houseboats in seattle?

stay tuned to see if we find out the answers to these and many more questions!!!

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