simple poems ~ story ice cream in a bowl

i knew that as soon as i posted about quinn’s little one-line poems, i would find a dozen more in some pile of pocket lint lodged for “safekeeping” in a very safe, undisclosed location in my house…. undisclosed to me, that is.


“the trees are making it wind

and the wind is waving goodbye…”

later the same blustery day, to the sound of rain on the roof:

“like marbles rolling down a hill…”

and after i asked if he had seen a crow i was looking at:

“i didn’t see the crow and neither did he see me!”

and some new ones:


“i wish i could fly like a bird. like a seagull. i would eat fish. see, i’m catching a fish and i’m going to pinch a piece of meat and eat it.” (ok maybe not so poetic for those of you who don’t eat meat but….)

“i’m gonna pretend i’m a duck

then an eagle

then a raven

then a sun and a moon and an earth

then a SEAGULL!!!”


story of eagle boy and the baby bear; i promise, he really really did make up this story! i transcribed it from the audio recorder on my phone:

“one day there was a boy who flapped his hands with his arms out wide as he was pretending he was an eagle, and FLEW off! one day when the eagle boy was playing in the forest he heared a voice saying HELP HELP HELP! and flew out of the forest- he stopped playing and flew out of the forest and ALL the way and landed on a beach and walked to the edge and saw a little bear on an isl- washing up on an island. and then he saw that the baby bear was safe and washed up on the island. he had to find the mama and dada for th bear. i was walking and i saw him in the water as he floated to the island. ‘that won’t do,’ said the boy. alright. and if that happened, i would have to build a boat for y- a canoe for you. and you can sail. so the eagle boy made uh a kind of sort of canoe raft and threw it right inΒ  SPLASH in the water. the baby bear pulled the island aboard… the baby bear jumped off the island onto the raft canoe and pulled the island on board. and the um eagle boy THREW a paddle down. the baby bear caught it, and paddled his way back to his mama and dada bear. and the eagle boy flew back to his mama and dada gir-l- his mama was a girl, his dada was a boy. ’cause it was time for lunch- ’cause it was time for eating- ’cause it was lunchtime. how’s THAT story?”

me: that’s WONDERFUL!!!

“yeah! for dessert. THAT story was good for eating for dessert. yeah. i could put lots of the story ice cream in a bowl, and put lots of dessert in there.”

(eagle boy picture blast from the past… 23 months old at yaquina head)


looking into the woodstove:

“the orange is like the sea. there is dark orange below and light orange on top. the log is the boat, floating on the sea. the sparkles are the cleats on the boat. the steam is the lines on the boat.”

have i mentioned we are boat-obsessed? πŸ˜‰

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