the lovers, the streamers, and me

mostly quinn listens to the same music i listen to, and really, really likes it. i’m sure most kids are like that, i know i absolutely adored the statler brothers and johnny cash growing up, and still have a big old soft spot for gospel. quinn is the biggest bob marley fan you will ever meet.  (it always sounds like “bop marley” when he says his name.) he enjoys the other bob as well (dylan).  he loves michael franti and spearhead, his favorite song being east to the west “one to the lorax who speaks for the trees”, and second favorite “yell fire”. he has requested the indigo girls more than any other artist, i do believe, with number one fave being “clampdown” and i am hoping when he is ten he will explain to me what the song is about, because frankly i don’t know. but it sure has a catchy tune. the heart swells with love to the extreme when kiddo begs me to “sing along with the indigo girls, mama!”  most people i’ve spent lots of time in cars with have been more likely to be opposed to the amount of singing along i do, but not this guy. another recent favorite is “the fishing song” (a.k.a. fishing blues, taj mahal, who sometimes plays guitar in the afternoons in the guitar shop my apartment was perched on top of when i used to live in berkeley.)

topping the charts on the mp3 player at the orange house these days: the rainbow connection. “i want to hear kermit the frog singing.” i have no idea where i had that song stashed, i don’t own any muppets soundtracks, but it snuck onto the player and randomed itself into the mix, and he was spellbound when he heard it. he asks me to sing it when the battery dies, and it can’t be on repeat anymore until i charge up the player, and is upset that i do not know every single word yet and i skip to the lalalalala part at the end. (thus chastised, i’m well on my way to memorizing it, now.) he busts out singing it randomly while he is playing:

“someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the streamers, and me!”

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  • BIG music fans here too. Isaac listens to what we listen too. The only child music he enjoys is Raffi…and even that took a couple of years for him to warm up to it. Our favourites (lots of Canadian content, of course) Joel Plaskett, Hannah Georgas, Basia Bulat, Leonard Cohen…and um…Rancid. Not Canadian, but awesome nonetheless.

    Music is so important to us. It is incredibly healing and there just about nothing I love more than going to see live music – watching an artist get up there and sing their words, tell there stories. It kind of rips me wide open.

    Just one more thing in common, you and me. 🙂 xoxo
    Debbie recently posted..celebrating

  • marybethrew

    woohoo! wow leonard cohen- i have so much love. and now i have some more canadian artists to check out, it seems! there are quite a few i love already. i'm hoping to see more live music this year than i have in the past few- it's been a while. quinn's first concert was ani difranco, most of which he slept through in the carrier (he was 8 months old or so.) now i shall go put on my leonard cohen pandora station….

  • I saw LC in concert in May 2009. It was the most spiritual experience of my life…next to giving birth. How I love that man.
    Debbie recently posted..celebrating

  • marybethrew

    ahhhh! so jealous! 🙂 i can't even imagine. seriously, every time i listen to him he speaks straight to my soul. amazing man!

  • Thank you for stopping by :).

    Luna's not quite old enough to have a taste preference, but I love it when she hums along to some song I'm playing. She'll either hum (slower tunes) or she'll bounce up and down (fast tunes). She's got a good sense of music already, Lol.
    Juliana recently posted..My Daughters New Obsession

  • lb

    I LOVE THIS KID!!!! you have to go to and search the Dixie Chicks cover of Rainbow Connection!! its awesome!!!

  • V

    How fun :)) Noble's favorite song is Walk the Dinosaur (the Queen Latifah version from the movie ice age 3). His second favorite is Love is my Religion, by Ziggy marley, and he knows bob marley is his dad (my brother had a poster of him in his old room, so noble even knows what he looks like). I am partial to so much music because my mom grew us up on it 🙂 Janis, Bob, b 52s, Abba :)) I have passed most of the music on to Kass, too, along with my own music 🙂 It's weird to hear Kass singing songs I sang at her age that my mom introduced me to. Wild. :))))
    V recently posted..Im Unschooled Yes I Can Write

  • marybethrew

    lb, maybe it's your fault i have that song… though how it would have jumped from a mix tape to an mp3 player is way beyond me. lol!!! dang i miss mix tapes… that's a whole nuther blog post though!

  • lb

    it is very likely i am the culprit :o)

    "The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don't wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules. Anyway… I've started to make a tape… in my head.." ~John Cusack

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