the familiar summer (gasp! did i dare say that?) refrain which you will  no doubt be bored of hearing soon: “we went to the beach on sunday!”

we had another rockin’ low tide at a nice leisurely 10 am time slot. this lesser-known beach is a favorite for weekends in warmer months, when more people are out on the more popular beaches. i mean, i like people… and… sometimes we need wide open spaces. and when the ocean rolls back to reveal so many layers of depth and color and life, this place feels especially wide open.

shortly after we arrived, quinn realized he was chilly, so i let him wear my hat. it was fun to get to see it so much- i have had it practically cemented to my skull for the last 8 months since i bought it from a fellow farmer’s market vendor. i realized why it jumped off the rack at me as i watched quinn and my hat blend in with the layered landscape surrounding us.

are you with me? i promise, i did not make him pose for one single shot.

dark green fucus ~ bright green ulva ~ yellow ochre kelp (laminaria- that’s for you liz) ~ brown bedrock  ~ burgundy coralline red algae ~ purple sea star ~ green eel grass green ocean green sea anemone ~ blue mussels blue water blue sky

or how about

dark green shore pine ~  bright green beach pea ~ yellow ochre brown burgundy sand dune cliff ~ green willows junipers beach grass ~ blue sky

i’m sure there is some way i could round out the post with a metaphor about the layers of life, and how thick and deep and intense they sometimes seem… but i think the pictures say it better today than my words could hope to.

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