mama’s day

it all started with a sunday snuggle-in. perfect way to start a day, especially after our rough market adventure of the day before.

after a large helping of steel cut oats with mixed berries from the freezer, we were off to seal rock for an awesomely low, low tide.

when the going gets tough, the tough go outside. (if they’re me.)

we got to hike way the heck out into the intertidal zone, farther than we’ve ever gone at this particular beach.

stick + eelgrass = fishing pole

then onward to beaver creek park for yet more hiking on a glorious day

through damp grass that was thick with frogs.

munching delicacies (yellow violets) along the way to our newly discovered nettle patches… nettles for birthday, nettles for mama’s day. and i got to eat asparagus for dinner. perfection.

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