i’m back! i finally stopped feeling like i was rocking about three days after i got home. today is my first day really back online, though i arrived at the dock a full week ago.

i’ve spent a whole week just simply being with quinn and reconnecting…

in the form of beach romps, strawberry picking

snuggling and napping with this lump of sugar

a special sushi date to hear his dada play guitar with an awesome local band

and many hours spent admiring our gardening projects, of course (i think we planted these potatoes roughly 5 minutes before i left for sea).

it’s been nice to ever so s – l – o – w – l – y reconnect! (and we’re looking forward to copious days off from work in the next few months to continue the process!) i’ll be slowly gathering photos and stories and deep thoughts to share about my trip, but i’m not in a big rush (and have film pictures that didn’t make it into digital format yet.) i know, i’m tired of hearing me say that, too, but i tried out some digital cameras on board and was delighted to find 1) that some of them fit my lenses and 2) that they don’t always have a delay anymore! not that i should spend all my sea pay on a camera or anything… but stranger things have happened. i will just say that everything went so so so well, better than i could have imagined, and the trip was amazing. stay tuned.

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