a month of unschool

more of the same, really. 🙂 we go outside, we putter around the beaches and forests, we practice archery, we collect feathers for quill pens and arrow fletching, we might harvest a beet on our way…

i’m sure that knowing exactly which whorl in the middle of a red cabbage is where the pirates would bury their treasure is worth logging as an unschool minute well spent. also, goat sitting, storytelling to himself under his play table, beginning our blackberry harvest for the year, and watching our first sleepy sunflowers open, also count.

festivals are learning, too, aren’t they? especially when you show up for a whole week to set up and take down the festival with your parents. you never know when you might need to build a pipe-fitting tent to certain specs, or understand a farm’s irrigation system, or untangle a whole bag of ropes, or hang a disco ball 50 feet up in the trees, or…. you get the idea. there were physics lessons around every corner as well- giant bubbles, crazy lighted hula hoops, sound systems, electrical grids, how many porta potties does it take to accomodate x number of people for x number of days… etc.

off to pick some more blackberries, with my band of merry boy (now complete with mama-sewn quiver with adjustable strap).

and finally, since it seems i have been good about taking monthly melon shots: look! we have cantaloupe flowers!

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