simple poems and stories

“once there were a lot of people that planted a lot of seeds in the buried heavier in the rocks of the jetty boulders and the trees grew up and grew branches and from the branches shot fireworks!” ~6-30-11 (somewhere in there, i think he means “heather”)

“the top of you smells so good i could eat you up!” ~7-3-11

quinn:  what if i died when i was five? would you cry forever and not stop?

me: yes, i would.

quinn: i would cry forever and not stop because i didn’t make it to twenty.

me: i want to make it to one hundred.

quinn: i want to make it to a hundred, too! i want to make it to a thousand! a thousand, mama, please, and then one more after a thousand!

quinn: one time, before i was quinn, i was a pirate captain and i had a ship. i didn’t have a home on land at all, my home was on my ship.

me: how did you like that, having your home be on a ship only? did you wish you had a home on land, or did you like just having a ship for a home?

quinn: i liked it. my only home was on a ship and i liked it.

lots of stories these days begin with “one time, before i was quinn…” or “once i had a brother…”

last night, with sniffly nose:

me: are you feeling sick?

quinn: yes, it’s just that i’m coughing all the time, and my mouth is open and the far distance of my mouth is all salty!


quinn: my sickness seems to be pushing your milk back into you so i can have some to drink! (happy breastfeeding week, y’all!)

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