three months of unschool

i’ve been playing catch up ever since my research trip, and my “month of unschool” posts are now finally caught up. here are the last three, in case anyone but myself is interested. 🙂 these were not posted in real time, in fact they were all posted today (and backdated). i apologize in advance for the running snarky commentary on socialization, i seem to have had a nerve touched on the subject. not worried enough about it to go back and edit, but i will make a note to self that it comes across a bit, well, snarkily. 🙂

if you’re ready to feast your eyes on three full months of unschool adventures avec cute boy, click onward:

may23-june 23 in which our hero catches and eats many a wild foraging morsel, practices spear hunting (in case of woolly mammoth encounter), heroically releases ladybugs into the wild, and swallows the moon.

june 23- july 23 in which knot tying and archery are practiced, quantities of berries are amassed like they are going out of style, and yet another daring release of captives, this time snails, is accomplished.

july 23-august 23 in which sunflowers, blackberries and beets all play starring roles. also, follow along with our coastal oregon canteloupe growing saga in all three chapters!

enjoy! and feel free to comment on whatever is going on in your unschooling adventure!

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