a month of unschool

blueberry picking ~ alsea river splashing ~ corn shucking ~ beans in a pod (seed saving)

~harvesting~ (and socializing) ~

~baking muffins ~ playing with friends by their pond ~ discovering a field of sunflowers ~ picking pears ~ watching your wheat grow ~


~ reading pooh books to yourself ~ log walking at the beach ~ your sunflowers in full bloom ~ getting in on some peach-pear-rosehip canning ~ “canning” your marshmallow stash ~

~ a special wake-up-before-everyone-else morning at the beach, to catch a great low tide- some of my best memories when you are older will be these spontaneous trips ~ ripening your yellow pear cherry tomatoes on your windowsill ~ garden garden garden garden ~

~ pretend play featuring captain hook, er, captain coat hanger ~ out to sea in your cardboard box boat ~ the play silk cape managed to come with us to the laundromat, and back home again to your fishing expedition off the front porch ~ there aren’t any pictures of me in the blue playsilk cape you convinced me to wear to the laundromat~

~taking care of claire’s chickens ~ tucking in alllll your babies ~ more spontaneous beach trips, yay indian summer ~ so many things you are doing for yourself all the time ~ you figured out balloon animal twisting as the one you’d received at the farmer’s market was deflating ~

~ you separated, counted, and helped plant 39 cloves of garlic ~ you ate watermelon in your box boat ~ you scored a refurbished mp3 player to hold all your sparkle stories and music ~ you canned tomatoes (you really like the funnel, ladel and jar lifters or as you prefer to call them “big tongs”) ~ you worked on writing “salsa” and “sauce” on the lids (you also really like permanent marker) ~

~ you love your homemade ketchup (tomatoes, molasses, pinch of salt and lemon juice) on many things ~ you are still harvesting strawberries ~ you took your box boat outside and “provisioned” it with many “provisions” ~ you dusted off your drawing book – to draw, well, boats of course! ~ and your canteloupe is still a-flowerin’…

yesterday you worked out 12 + 2 = 14 and thought nothing of it. i didn’t let on too much that i thought a lot of it, though i know i let on i was pleased. i can’t remember what you were asking me for 12 of (pieces of cheese?), and then asked for two more of before i had gotten the first 12 for you, and then i asked you how many should i give you total… it was pretty cool to see you arrive at that answer.

happy caterpillar season! what’s new in your unschool?

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