simple poems

in your imagination…

a tree-trimming truck effortlessly becomes “a truck with a gi-hugic space mast!” ~10-2-11

“my first life was in alaska and i left my lights there…” ~10-5-11

(telling a story about quinn, bilbo, and the dwarves fighting smaug…)

“and as for quinn, his arms were gone, legs were gone, head was gone…. alll that was left of him was his belly button!”



passing a big yellow bus…

“while i am four, i think that this (gesture indicating our car) can be my school bus.” ~10-17-11

  (can i confess that i secretly link this with his desire to stay four forever?)

7 comments to simple poems

  • "Gi-hugic"…my new favourite word. Thanks, Quinn. <3
    Debbie recently posted..a day at the apple orchard

  • crystal

    Zoe has said that she never wanted to be anything but three. Now that she is four she just says, "I don't want to grow up." Me neither! Love their talk at this age.

  • All that was left was his belly button!BELLYBUTTON??that is so significant to me.

    Can you believe our big boys?Mana spent awhile today trying to figure out how Kua's belt worked(he is obsessed with belts and has one on,along with all of his tools and weapons-yes,weapons,at al times.even bedtime.)and happily told me "I worked it out!".

    4 would be the perfect age to stop.So far I have been through ages up to 16 and 4 is probably my favorite.

    • marybethrew

      love that about you- yes i felt some significance about belly button as well, but how to put that into words…. lol. i did tag the word belly button though! 🙂 oh and quinn and mana would get along so well- yes quinn's whole reason for learning how to use a belt was to be able to sheath his sword.

  • What a great little guy with a wonderful mom!! Love the photos too! xoxo
    pamela recently posted..Fallen

  • Cara

    Visiting from That Mama Gretchen. Love your pictures, I live in Portland and it makes me want to take a trip right now to the Coast!

  • marybethrew

    thanks for stopping by cara! we lived in portland when quinn was born and… ahhh, we love our coastal home. 🙂

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