for whatever we lose, like a you or a me

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  • *splash*…the sound of me jumping into your images! soooo gorgeous. oh, that fragility of the sea stars and the anemones, yet their tenacity as well, living in the rough waters of a tidal zone. beautiful beautiful photography marybeth!!
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  • stunning,rich,primal.

    that third one from the bottom..what is that?It reminds me of placenta and childbirth….and I think I can see a reflection (maybe?) of the photographer or her assistant?or am I seeing things?
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    • marybethrew

      yes! somehow that one makes me think all sorts of red tent thoughts… i didn't even notice my reflection! (my assistant was not with me on this day.) it's a sea anemone, closed up to keep from drying out at low tide, but i had never seen one with such brilliant colors before. between the colors and the afternoon sun low in the sky, it made for some crazy good photo ops.

  • Beautiful photos and I have loved that poem since I was a child. It's so perfect.
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    • marybethrew

      thank you so much for knowing the poem! i knew someone would. 😀 (for anyone who didn't, and since i should give credit for the quote, it's e.e. cummings' maggie and milly and molly and may. "for whatever we lose, like a you or a me, it's always ourselves we find in the sea."

  • erin

    oh, that poem sent shivers down my spine…fellow ocean loving girl here 🙂

    hello! it's been so long since i visited, i have been going slow and going to bed early, and doing things away from the screen.

    but i want to catch up with blogs and people i value here, so here i am, soaking up the wonderful photographs and stunning images you've captured!

    did you get a new camera?

  • this erin, from a wild and precious life… (now i added my blog address, doh!)
    erin recently posted..thank-full

  • marybethrew

    i think you're my only "erin" so i knew who you were! 🙂 it's good to hear from you- i think it's great you are taking the time you need and getting extra sleep. and also happy you have stopped by to catch up. i did not get a new camera- most of my photos are taken on my crappy phone one on a daily basis, but the old canon (with film) is what i use for special mama-wants-to-really-shoot-something-nice occasions. like tidepooling by herself one afternoon. 🙂

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