getting ready

saturday was glooo-oooo-oooo-rious (sing it like a christmas carol!) and so we did what any sane people would do and went outside. quinn requested seal rock, so i drove us there. and we drew giant pictures in the sand.

peaceful bird

gentle dinosaur

with a nest of eggs, each with a baby dinosaur “standing on the floor of the egg.”

a very tall tree on which a giant gentle dinosaur can munch

which touches the sun

and yes we have to color in the tree trunk, mama, it’s important.

 i’m getting ready for this holiday season slowly but surely. spiffed up my altar for the mother of all releasing ceremonies about to take place there. so much gunk is not invited into 2012, no siree. it’s gonna be super duper. won’t you join in? burning things is fun.

we scored a cookie press at salvation army for $2, and on sunday we did our cookie baking (trees and chocolate chips. not getting super carried away around here….)

and lights. goodness, speaking of shining lights. he’s just the most wonderful shiny boy i’ve ever seen.

lots to celebrate!!!

(psst. for those of you rooting me on… i have a date on thursday night. wheeee! and thank you for all the good vibes you were sending while i was asking him out at the laundromat!)

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