simple poems

mama, addressing sick boy while administering herbal remedies of some sort: “blah blah blah blah blah to help you heal.”

sniffly boy: “i like the word heal.”


“what is fire?”


“the letter E has 3 crossbars and 2 canoe cracks!”


“i’ve got tiger spirit helpers, sabre-toothed tiger spirit helpers, woolly mammoth spirit helpers, bear spirit helpers, and wolf spirit helpers.”

mama, thoroughly humbled: “wow! tell me more!”

more of the list: “owl, crab, sea lion, lingcod, salmon, greenling, and shark. squid and shrimp. deer and elk. mountain lion. porcupine. hawk and eagle and osprey and turkey vulture.”

mama: “any plants?”

quinn: “no.”

mama: “insects?”

quinn: “sure! spider, grasshopper, centipede, ladybug, earthworm, silkworm, glowworm, praying mantis, and rooster and chicken and ‘peasant’ and goblin friends.”

mama: “trees?”


mama: “flowers?”

quinn: “no. but i’ve got cloud men spirit helpers….”


“what is marrying?”

mama: (some sort of answer i couldn’t possibly repeat since i had a hard enough time answering the first time around)

“oh… well, would you want to marry me then?”


“it’s just that the earth that we live on keeps turning round and round like a big bus wheel.”


(“reading” to me from creatures of the woods book) “the east american white-heiny’d elk lives in africa, 150 million miles away…

…the italian squirrel climbs up enormous trees all the way to the top and eats acorns!”


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