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i’m pleased with the steady creeping towards unpluggedness trend of my life lately. i am often to be found outside the reach of either cell phones or internet, and for two whole days last week i spent parts of it without power, landline, or any of that annoying stuff. if you’ve been watching the wacky weather and road conditions here on the oregon coast (c’mon, humor me) you’ll know we have had some wind, some rain, and a good deal of debris in the road, as well as flooded roadways and collapsed sections of highway.



i found the two days of strandedness not to be at all a hardship but that could be related to my smittenness for the person i happened to be stranded with. it turns out we’re pretty evenly matched in uno but he can kick my ass in yahtzee. we listened to the hand-cranked radio for the flood warnings on wednesday, joking about the likelihood of being flooded in for a second day (the first day was chaos not because of floods yet but because of the wind/power outages/fallen trees/bridge closings) and then… we were. and none of that had anything to do with the dusting of snow we received to celebrate martin luther king, jr. day with.

art boy is still going strong… he is one thorough coloring book colorer. he gets every single detail, including the negative space, fully colored. he will spend hours on one page. i’m just soaking it all in… when i’m not busy helping him draw the rare lumpback chickadee, or color in the impossibly skinny tentacles on some jellyfish with a blunt crayon.

and i haven’t discussed with my man yet whether he wants his photo to appear here, so until i do that i’m only going to post a fuzzy one where he’s not looking at the camera. fuzzy and warm, like the inside of my heart.


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