~this moment~ chess boy

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

2 comments to ~this moment~ chess boy

  • tim

    I like the wizard's chess camera angle. "Knight to E5!"

    Is Quinn really playing? If so:

    Dear Quinn,

    Your King should on most occasions remain at home or preferably castled until further movement becomes necessary. A good move would be to fianchetto the white (red) squared bishop to pin the knight in front of the rook. Also knight to E3 pressures the opponent's foremost pawn.


    A concerned Uncle.

    More generally:

    Dear Quinn,

    I love you! That's an awesome shirt! I think chess is great, do you? What do you use that giant tank for?


    Uncle Tim

  • marybethrew

    hahahahaha. i can't wait till he gets to play with you!

    yes, he is really playing. he sets up the board himself, and knows the right way to move each piece, for the most part. he doesn't know castling yet, but we're almost there. and the reason he has his king moved out, is because he insists it is actually the queen, and the queen is the king. he likes to do as much business as possible with (what he calls) his queen. but he does keep his "king" at home. but i appreciate the strategy you've offered since i am about to be dominated in a few weeks, and i can use all the help i can get! 😉

    he does think chess is great, by the way. he absolutely loves it. he'll love playing with uncle tim and grampy at some point. he keeps the board set up at the foot of the stairs even when he's not playing, so he can play at a moment's notice, and so that the chess pieces will guard against monsters on the stairway for him. he'll sit and play whole games just by himself if i am busy making dinner.

    (giant tank= propane which runs our stove and hot water heater, that one just got replaced hence it is in the middle of the yard).

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