~a month of unschool~ a mile marker

it has taken me a while to write this post, and for that reason, a month of unschool is several months behind. i’m ready to update now… getting past this particular month of going to school and then coming back home took me a while to process, but i still feel that documenting the learning is important and want to leave these little mile markers for us to look back on someday- even if it is back-dated.

Photo1016 Photo1007  Photo1035

 getting ready to start school held a lot of our attention this month ~ gearing up with backpack and lunchbox and slippers ~ but it was still summer, so lots of regular old fun was still had, including first lessons on riding his new-to-him princess bike.

Photo1054 Photo1078 Photo1063 Photo1080 Photo1056

 ~camping with friends provided a wealth of learning opportunities ~ getting along in a group, including sleepovers in a friend’s tent, and how to join in on games being played by a large group of kids ~ then there was the good old fun of eating and splashing in the river.


Photo1094 Photo1103 Photo1116 Photo1145 Photo1146

~school… such a big day, that first day. i don’t want to diminish that even though we are solidly back on our unschooling at home path at the time of this writing (march 2013)~ finding his place among his schoolmates~

Photo1148 Photo1152 Photo1153 Photo1166 Photo1167

~his first taste of academics, of having a hook with his name on it, of workbooks… of having to wait his turn for the teacher’s attention…

 Photo1118 Photo1090 Photo1125 Photo1143

~that was brief! and then we were back at it. unschooling is what we do best~ chess ~ taking care of friends’ goats ~ creating our own deck of candyland cards ~ learning to climb… onward and upward ~

first day k 2



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