~a month of unschool~ winged creatures

(posted june 2013)

1226121535b 1226121626

~aquarium visit with pancakes; more fish counter sales to mama by the little entrpreneur~

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~christmas! lots of building (of new legos and old erecter sets) and excavating (dinosaur bones) and general celebrating and hanging out with family~

0104131748a 0104131840

~mr. allen wrench built himself a shelf for underneath his bed~

 0106131456 0106131456a 0109131313 0109131255a

~letters, numbers, drawings~

0115131218 0116131459a

~helped the family by filling the bed of the truck with firewood all by himself~ helped a friend by taking flat stanley for a tour of our bioregion~

0116131100a 0116131143 0116131145

 ~homeschool group! we’ve joined up with the happy river homeschoolers in siletz and it is definitely enriching our unschooling lives so far. made mozzarella cheese from scratch (lots of measuring, reading of recipes for the big kids, taking turns, and following instructions~




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