nanny by the sea


here at nanny by the sea, we are serious about taking care of baby k. which is why we will be spending the maximum amount of time possible outside, on the beach. (in case you are wondering, my policy is not to post photos of other peoples’ kids, which is why you only ever see our baby pancakes when they are blurry or not facing the camera, and why baby k is not shown.)


we had glorious weather yesterday for our beach walk. baby k was strapped to my back and quite content- he even cat napped a bit back there, while quinn balanced on logs, climbed on the rocks, and collected limpet shells.


today my big boy helper was not there with me, but yesterday when he was, he was spoon feeding yogurt to baby k, fetching tissues, and playing with the baby. he seems to be in a very good place to be welcoming this new little person into our routine. though the first day, it sort of wore him out.


today i had time alone with baby k, and we took not one, but two beach walks, albeit in the rain. i’m not going to say no when a little boy reaches for the baby carrier and asks me for a walk directly. baby k happens to live a hop, skip and jump from one of the better agate and fossil hunting beaches i know.


(fossil snail with its shell partially agatized- before i put it in my raincoat pocket. i cannot resist spirals.)

while he napped i got on my about page and did a little spiffing up, because at nanny by the sea we have wireless internet, oh yes. i added some fun links back to some older posts, a little sampler of what goes on around here for anyone who is visiting for the first time, or a trip back through old favorites if you have been here for a while. have a look! i will likely add more and maybe rearrange or change them out now and then as the spirit moves me. do feel free to leave comments on any of those older posts, if the spirit moves you. i get email alerts about them all, so do not worry- i won’t ever miss your feedback. and i love hearing from you!

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