the shark and the leprechaun

we spent st. patrick’s day with our local adopted family for corned beef and cabbage and cheesecake and fun. quinn looked like quite the leprechaun, especially once he had matched his shirt and hat with a green punch mustache.

today i took the leprechaun to the beach on our way into town, and flew his shark kite. sometimes our days feel fragmented into such tiny slivers of time, and the quality of the sliver improves vastly when i can remember to focus on being present for hte moment at hand. i loved the metaphor i heard in some song on the radio over the weekend of paying attention to that one grain of sand that is falling between the two bulbs of the hourglass- the future and the past.




even twenty minutes can be made into a quality sliver, with a teensy bit of forethought to chuck the kite in the car. i can tell it’s been quality when quinn starts making up games on the spot, like, “pretend i’m a diver, and i’m playing with the shark!” as he chases the kite’s shadow around the sand and dives onto it knees first.


i hope you and all your wee leprechauns had a wonderful weekend!

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