~a month of unschool~ play learn

(posted june 2013)

~lego university!~ building a model ship (from a kit)~ drawing an awesome ewok birthday card for a friend who likes star wars almost as much as quinn does~

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~academic stuff like discussing the spanish language over pancakes (he asked enough questions to make me get out the dictionary!)~ reading a non-fiction book, with rapt attention, about paleontology~ homeschool group visit to the aquarium to study seahorses and salamaders,  during which quinn was dressed as a seal~ making an easter card for mama (handwriting practice!)~ and plowing through bob books~

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~playing! which is of course, his number one responsibility at his age, and it can’t help but involve learning~ monopoly (money!)~ chess (strategy!)~ kite flying (physics!) ~ building a k’nexasaurus rex (following instructions! motors! dinosaur locomotion!)

0316131625 0317131200 0318131425c 0318131154a

~more play on the beach, lots of it!~


0304131226 0312131233


~garden-y things like planting potatoes and wheat grass easter baskets~

0307131145 0307131541b 0308131130

 ~and just being an all-around inquisitive, thirsty-for-learning, interested, engaging guy~


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