~a month of unschool~

(posted june 2013)

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~being my nanny helper is quinn’s job these days. he is great at entertaining and feeding the baby we take care of. he also loves the novelty of someone else’s toys, even if they are for a younger set. he spent one afternoon drawing an elaborate angry birds star wars scene inside the play tunnel while the baby napped~

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~ he is diving head first into his jump math workbook, and loving it. i tend not to enforce doing “work” in it, so when i do bring it up (not every day) he tends to want to burn through 10 pages or so. he is also a fan of doing math in bed, or in other comfy locations. gobbling it up is what i want his learning to be like, so i will be glad if this trend continues.~

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~bob books are still going strong, quinn is also tentatively trying to find words he can read in books he is very interested in, such as calvin and hobbes, and the children’s book of chess~ speaking of games and words, scrabble is a big deal right now in our world ~ it’s nice to watch him take an interest in picking up a book that looks interesting and sitting down to really study it.~

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~outdoor adventures are getting more frequent as nice weather holds for longer stretches. we get out on the beach every time we are nannying, and then often go again on our way home.~

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~homeschool group buoyancy unit!~


~storyboard work on feelings and family interactions has been a big help in our social-emotional learning these days. he is game to sit down and have a long, serious, talk about this stuff, outside the more heated moments, if it involves drawing and thought bubbles. maybe it makes real life seem more like calvin and hobbes?~

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~gross motor fun- jumping rope, swinging, etc.~ lots of pretend play- seen here is the complete takeover of the living room by blankets involved in setting the stage for one play or another~


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