more ny beauty

Picture 667 oriole nest

on the outside chance you are not weary of photos from my new camera yet… a few more photos from our trip to new york. (i promise, i culled them! we’re almost there!)

Picture 648 trillium

Picture 646 yellow flower macro

Picture 879 white bleeding heart

Picture 1292 quilts

Picture 1314 hatched

Picture 1375 robins

Picture 722 queen

201 walnut

424 bc house24

427 bc house26


2 comments to more ny beauty

  • mamaC

    These are GORGEOUS!! (I wrote that last word all in caps, not that you can tell, lol!)


    Do you know what kind of bird made that nest in the first photo? (Ever since O read the book “Spiderweb For Two,” the last installment in the series about the Melendy family by Elizabeth Enright, with its treasure hunt, and one of the clues describing what turned out to be an oriole’s nest, I have been more aware of & curious about the particulars of nest habits/design.)

    I love seeing those two fat fellows in the forsythia branches!

  • ~mb~

    aw, thanks, mama! we think it was an oriole nest, in fact we saw a male-female pair of orioles right nearby just before sighting the nest. i will have to check out the book you mentioned! i took photos of the orioles, but they did not turn out as nicely as the fat robins!

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