NY rocks

what has NY got that we don’t got in oregon? we might have gigantic trees and the biggest ocean in our coastal bioregion, but there are some ways that new york outshines us.

Picture 1024 woodchuck

woodchucks. high prevalence. not available in oregon.

Picture 1277 snow

snow after mother’s day. see those flakes? not gonna happen here at most times of the year, and definitely not in may.

fireflies. not pictured;  our visit was too early in the season to see them- we need another pilgrimage in july some year! a much more compelling reason to love new york than snowflakes in may, i might add.

Picture 605 puffball


Picture 1270 register

registers, otherwise known as heating vents, the perfect place for children to get dressed on mornings in may when the temperature dives under 40. see snowflakes in may, above.

Picture 727 burdock

burdocks. they can be grown in oregon. they cannot not be grown in new york! if i put my permaculture hat on, i see dynamic nutrient accumulation, enormous leaves for chop-and-drop mulching, and edible/medicinal roots! however, if i put my weeding the garden hat on….

Picture 1325 nettles

ditto on stinging nettles; we have to actually look for them out here! in new york, you have to look everywhere you walk in order to avoid being stung. these happened to have sprung up in the time since my dad parked this tractor in this particular spot.

but maybe the biggest re-realization for me was that new york has rocks. in oregon, i can’t find a rock if i need one. in new york…

Picture 1387 barn

enough rocks to build your barn foundation

Picture 755 sidewalk stones

enough to provide flagstone sidewalks

Picture 866 new crop of rocks

and no matter how many you remove from the garden, a new crop of rocks arises every spring! new york rocks!

celebrate your bioregion in the comments! what makes your place in the world unique?

1 comment to NY rocks

  • leticia

    NC rocks! We have water – so much it escapes the rivers and lives in the air. We have kudzu, which grows so fast you can see it simply by remembering to look at the same vine twice in a day. We have sweet-smelling honeysuckle – I realized one day a few weeks ago that it had bloomed, because the sweet sweet fragrance hit me like a wall on my morning run.

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