sunset bonfire

a sunset bonfire was lit.

Picture 1080 sunset
Picture 1082 bonfire

Picture 1084 sunset

Picture 1085 fire sun

Picture 1087 fire sunset hearts

Picture 1089 bonfire quinn

Picture 1093 sunset
Picture 1092 fire

Picture 1114 fire hearts
Picture 1128 rich fire

Picture 1157 fire hearts

Picture 1159 folksinger

folk songs were sung. roger miller, john denver, and in spite of my mom’s pleading, the very unfortunate man. country roads, take me home gets me in the ganechtagazoink every time.

Picture 1152 bunny patronus2

cries of “expelliarmus!” and “stupefy!” could be heard as quinn directed his aunt and uncle and cousins in a rousing game of harry potter wizard dueling. at one point he assigned his aunt to be his patronus- in the form of a bunny rabbit. she graciously obliged, and chased him around the yard, bunny hopping all the way. giggling ensued.

Picture 1140 quinn smore

s’mores were consumed. a good time was had by all.

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