~rainbow mondays~ photo project

perhaps it is because of this colorful time of year, but i was inspired on sunday to start a weekly-ish rainbow photo project: one photo for each color. i’m not strict on it sticking to r.o.y.g.b.i.v., let me just state that up front, there’s plenty of room for pink and brown in a rainbow, yes? perhaps  i will do it on mondays, because although today is tuesday, i had it ready to go yesterday but had to add more disk space to my blog- apparently i filled it right to the gills! so, now that i am equipped with 2 more gigabytes waiting to be danced around in, i am thinking some photo-heavy, word-light posts to start the week might be just the thing.  and rainbows are so cheerful: promise, pride, and just plain beauty. perfect for mondays. i doubt it will be every monday, or even that it will always be on monday (you know, like this week). i do not really follow a strict schedule as a blogger, as you may have noticed. i am sure there is already someone out there doing a rainbow photo meme, but neither they nor i invented the rainbow, so i’ll assume i’m good to go on any copyright issues. in any case, if you feel inspired to post your own rainbow of photos, leave me a comment so i can come and see your rainbow, too! and a link back is always nice as well, if you like.

i was texting with my bff about this idea, hoping to get her to hop on board, in a completely selfish attempt to see more of her pictures and hear from her more than i already do, as she has one of the most fabulous eyes for photography of anyone i know, and has also thought about starting a blog. (lau: ya mad i told everyone?) it occurred to me while we texted that my own blog journey began as  this moments– photos without words, and then some photos with captions, and then the captions kept turning into paragraphs, and one thing led to another until i couldn’t shut up. i think they call that, finding your voice. so if photos are a part of your voice, i say stick ‘em up there. especially if you’re having trouble finding the words. the words might just follow.

oh yeah so, light on words, right-o. here we go.

this week in rainbow:

Picture 023lowres

red: first 50 pounds put away. whee!

Picture 001lowres

red-orange: dahlia spiral- first dahlia of 2013, not even fully open yet!

Picture 003 orange

orange: calendula- a new variety i am growing this year called zeolights

Picture 052lowres

yellow: 117 pounds of deliciousness.

Picture 018lowres

green: my cucurbit family plants are slow to get going this year but are finally starting to take off! more spirals… we have a theme!

Picture 025

blue: when i first looked around for blue, i didn’t see anything obvious. then i remembered to look up.

Picture 011lowres

purple: asters in my backyard.


brown: been taking care of my friend’s chickens this week; can you believe these chocolate eggs?

Picture 019lowres

white: spider perfectly camouflaged on pearly everlasting

oh and by the way you have approximately 24 more hours to enter a giveaway on the adorable kaitlyn’s blog to win one of my earth huggy fitted diapers. i’m rooting for one of my local friends so i don’t have to pay shipping. yee-ha! it’s fun being broke.

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