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Picture 046

is anyone else waaaayyy behind? i am only posting one photo today, and taking the rest of the week off! this felt like a bit of a hybrid between this moment and rainbow mondays, just a little blip so you know i am still here.

quinn and i have been learning about our solar system with our living school this past few weeks, (refer to bill nye on youtube and this awesome short video clip if you’re interested; also, you can try taking a solar system hike and “building” a scale model in your neighborhood from handmade planets using sizes and distances calculated here).

on thursday after school, quinn asked me if we could go outside and look at the stars we had learned about in the video clip above, and so we did, wrapped in lots of wool clothing and armed with warm drinks (hot cocoa for me, warm milk and honey for him). we also brought along my phone, with its handy app “droid sky view” (there are many available for free for any type of smart phone that will orient you just by pointing the phone in the direction you are looking) and found out some new stars, as well as locations for the planets we could see. we have had a week of beautiful, brisk, clear nights, perfect for stargazing!

happy thanksgiving to all!

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