~rainbow mondays~ feather, spine, antler, tentacle, berry, petal, claw

playing a little catch-up today after a very busy few weeks of getting the our living school summer program underway… here’s an extra long rainbow monday post!

red elder Picture 156

red: elderberries everywhere!

crab Picture 122

red: i walked up to this crab when quinn and i were tidepooling on saturday morning, wondering if it was dead. as soon as i got near it, it raised up a claw to let me know it was not to be messed with.

Picture 033

Picture 031

orange: everything is blooming early this year, or i am in more and more denial with each passing year about how quickly summer races by.

orange Picture 158

more orange: “red” sea urchin and a swath of some colonial rock-painting orange sea creature.

orange Picture 240

still more orange: barnacles growing on an orange-shelled snail who visited the ols summer program for a fun experiment.

yellow Picture 133

yellow: these lilies aren’t mine, but i sure like them. they were growing at the strawberry farm where we recently picked with good friends.

green Picture 155

green: vine maple is one of the greenest greens i know.

green Picture 204

green: although, green sea anemones give vine maple a run for their money, in their own way.

green Picture 125

green: ok, ok, i can’t decide who wins the green competition.

blue i love you Picture 202

blue: during our fabulous week off before summer program got underway, we also had time to spend at the beach with still more good friends. i didn’t even take this picture, i am so surrounded by friends!

blue Picture 004

blue: our very own homegrown blueberries; several years of work on our bushes is paying off at last.

purple Picture 157

purple: sea urchins aplenty!

elk Picture 043

brown: our friendly local elk herd. some of the boys.

white Picture 148

white: seagull feather in a tidepoolPicture 096

pink: the end (sunset on the way home from country fair.)

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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