~rainbow mondays~ what i did on my summer vacation sneak peek

i have been away from the blog for far too long… here’s a sneak preview of all the stories i have to tell… um, sometime soon. right now all i have time for (still) is photos, so sit back and scroll through a rainbow blur representing the second half of my summer!

rainbow Picture 253

rainbow boy holding my end of summer program bouquet. summer program at our living school was a blast and, if i do say so myself, a resounding success.

pink Picture 201

pink: sunset on our camping trip with local adopted family; rhodochrosite or rose quartz (i think…?) on our trip to oklahoma to visit rich’s family (during which his dad, bob, completely reversed all the damage done by my boring 9th grade earth science teacher, and i fell in love with rocks once again, just like when i was a kid.)

pink Picture 123

red Picture 040

red: snippets from my first ever trip to the siletz tribe powwow, more camping footage (see ninja below), hummingbirds, and cherry picking with my love.

red ninja Picture 144

red Picture 050

red Picture 003

red orange Picture 047

red-orange: carnelian magic

orange Picture 012

orange: more hummingbirds, cherry sap glistening in the sunshine, a plastic t-rex, more rocks, flowers from the farm tour i took the ols kids on, and an oklahoma sunset.

orange Picture 008

orange t rex Picture 132

orange Picture 046

orange Picture 160

orange Picture 167

orange Picture 232

orange Picture 310

yellow brown gold Picture 226

yellow Picture 024

yellow: little birds flitting about my garden, more powwow, and giant pile of bob-corn (rich learned his jedi popcorn making skills from his dad, thank goodness.)

yellow Picture 032

yellow Picture 028

yellow Picture 077

yellow Picture 239

Picture 013

green: quinn returning snails to the siletz river, lots more rocks (one i don’t know, and some petrified wood), lots of bugs (including species not seen in oregon whatsoever! yay for oklahoma and all its wild wonders!) and the oklahoma garden of bob (watermelons and okra!)

green Picture 159

green Picture 128

green Picture 122

green blue Picture 301

green Picture 315

green Picture 312

green Picture 292

green Picture 249

green Picture 219


green-ish: how i spent as many camping moments as possible: under a pile of babies.

blue Picture 252

blue: chrysacolla (i think), sodalite (maybe), more powwow and my favorite seven year old on the bay.

blue Picture 134

blue Picture 076

blue Picture 272

purplr Picture 150

purple: more treasures of every variety.

purple Picture 063

purple Picture 218

purple Picture 043

brown Picture 058

brown: rocks and my oklahoma turtle friend (who apparently thought i looked safe to hide behind).

brown Picture 209

brown turtle Picture 012

brown turtle Picture 015

brown turtle Picture 017

brown gray Picture 170

gray: fossils, rocks, the ocean on a gray day, and more powwow.

gray Picture 207

gray Picture 054

gray Picture 087

white Picture 298

white: ammonite, and dragonfly on a white rock.

white Picture 262


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

3 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ what i did on my summer vacation sneak peek

  • mamaC

    So glad to see your post in my inbox! I was just spontaneously talking about you (and Quinn) to Andy yesterday, relating a few things you’ve shared that came to mind when I was talking to him, as examples of honoring kids’ choices in what to do (re: school) and how even when they have “no interest” in certain disciplines or skills and avoid participating, they seem to grow toward many of the things you might have wanted or pushed, anyway (I mentioned the fly-tying session and Quinn’s desire to preserve the details, and other times he had to rely on you for writing & recording important things, and his growing awareness of how writing proficiently could be desirable and useful–so he can do his own note-taking and gain the freedom he observes some other students have when they can write proficiently; his observation about how “for proficient readers, every word is a sight word!”) Was realizing how longs it’s been, and that I miss you a lot. (I started crying as I was scrolling through your blog post, too.)

    Guess who shares your love of rocks?…..Noel! (big surprise, eh?) There is a highway exit with a particular lot of rocks and I sometimes contrive to take the highway in town (could easily avoid this and typically do) just so I can get off at the very next exit and drive the big curve with all the rocks down the mountain slope. He has a “museum” in our living room with rocks and (drawings of) dinosaur bones. And a rock that he’s “pretty sure” is a dinosaur egg even though it wasn’t very deep in our backyard. He wrapped up all his favorite insides of broken rocks and gave them as a gift at a little girl’s birthday party. He told me that his next independent study is going to be on rocks (though I think he’s forgotten that plan in favor of dinosaurs…)

    I’m glad to learn a bit about your summer fun, to see so many stunning photos of it, and to know that you guys made the trip to Oklahoma!!

    I’m going to make a special request for you to tell me about the bob-corn sometime (my dad’s midwestern roots ensured that I am pretty skilled in popcorn-making and also have a serious love of the stuff, so I’m always interested in what others do. And that was a handsome photograph!)

    Congratulations on a successful summer program at Our Living School. (I think remember you mentioning you had a set of triplets enrolled!) That’s a really gorgeous bouquet. Such a nice gift, just my taste exactly. Thanks for sharing and I send my love.

  • A Mom of 5 friend!

    A kick butt rainbow!! You do look nice under a pile of babies!! Can’t wait to hear more about Oklahoma, popcorn, school, and life this summer. I was hoping for a picture of bucket head buddies!!

  • marybeth! i loved this post so much i’ve come back three times to look at your gorgeous colors. what a rich summer you’ve had, thank you for sharing it, i feel like i soaked a bit of it in too! what handsome insects from OK…that big eyed black darling is my favorite…and kudos to the dragonfly action shots! i’ve read your newest post too, and i love hearing how quinn is flourishing. fern actually used ‘dumbfounded’ the other day too…such a big word tumbling out of such a tiny mouth! much love to you mb, happy fall!

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