~rainbow mondays~ so much to celebrate


quinn and i spent a lovely, lazy saturday decorating the beautiful tree rich brought home friday night. quinn’s sense of tradition is blossoming, and he is both inventing new ones, as well as recalling ones that he finds meaningful.

lots of other celebrating going on as well. my parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on saturday, rich’s parents are celebrating their 50th today (!!!) and my brother and sister in law have been together for 10 years now as of today. oh, yeah, and this other couple i know are also celebrating a happy, and that is understating it, 3 years together….

red Picture 026


red: so i don’t know how many of you remember way way back when i invoked salmon medicine over a certain guy i had a crush on in my yoga class, but it seems like maybe it’s working for us. can’t help but rub off on us since we live right in their habitat. all i know is i am crazy about the guy, and grow crazier about him all the time.

red IMG_5101

red: this winter holdover is living in our tree most mornings and feeding at our feeder. a nice bright red flash to start each day.

orange IMG_5106

orange: quinn always loves hearing me tell about my third trimester pregnancy craving for clementines around this time of year.

orange IMG_5431

orange: silly old bear.

yellow IMG_5104


yellow: some of the last of the clinging leaves still need convincing to let go into winter. me too.


green: more of our beautiful tree, with laughing boy.

blue IMG_5433

blue: while the lighting generally sucketh at this time of year for photography, i did manage to have a fun time playing around with the tree lights reflecting on the ornaments.

purple IMG_5430

purple: yeah. like that.

Picture 145

brown and black: that’s squeaky and ms. b, quinn’s new guinea pig friends who thankfully live at his dad’s house, out of reach of our predator kitty cats. he is having a wonderful time being a guinea pig caretaker.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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