~rainbow mondays~ lichen and lovin’

colorsplash hearts2


colorsplash hearts3

i’ve got a fun new app that makes it easy to partially colorize a black and white version of a photo. i played around with the heart bokeh in the last days of having our christmas tree up. rainbow hearts!

colorsplash hum

red: anna’s hummingbird; apparently the females get a fuschia color around their heads, while the males stay more red-orange. froze my fingertips off to get this photo

orange IMG_5521

orange: quinn is wild about exploring the arctic right now, and thoroughly enjoyed putting together the arctic base camp lego set his grammy and grampy got him for christmas.


green IMG_5536

green IMG_5541

middle earth IMG_5527

green IMG_5531

rich and i took a visit to middle earth before the final hobbit movie viewing.

lichen IMG_5539

lichens i’ve liked


blue IMG_5588

spent an hour or so on the last day of 2014 looking for whales. didn’t see any, but i quite enjoyed the sunny hour on the rocks.

blue IMG_5605

a steller’s jay enjoying the sun at the top of a hemlock tree in our yard.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ lichen and lovin’

  • Leticia

    I miss you! I love the 2nd greens picture… what is that? I want to print it and frame it! How would you feel about that? Massive news here, and I didn’t even get around to getting your mailing address from you to send you a Christmas card… our Christmas card that had all SEVEN of us on it!!! “from our family to yours” – things are quite happy around here these days :o) My cup runneth over… love you!!!

  • leticia

    oops I meant the 3rd greens pic

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