~rainbow mondays~ cycles

well, it’s really tuesday, but i am going ahead and observing rainbow monday today.

pink IMG_6317

pink: ignoring for a moment that the date stamp on this image says february 8, and all that implies about the world and its climate, i snapped this photo of the ornamental cherry that came back from a serious setback a few marches ago.

red IMG_6398

red: i think he wore his red hat around valentine’s day last year as well…

orange IMG_6294

orange: salmon eggs ready to hatch on the ols science counter!

orange IMG_6158

orange: backyard peeling bark tree of unknown variety

orange IMG_6387

orange: sneaky newt playing hide and seek under the duckweed

yellow IMG_6318

yellow: (orange you glad i didn’t say orange again?) and the daffodils look lovely…. on february 8th….

green IMG_6342

green: rescued this little guy from kitty curiosity, and then had a nice little photoshoot thanks to my lovely assistant. actually he is tall, dark and handsome, and he fetched me my camera so i wouldn’t lose the moment!

green IMG_6167

green: decomposing rhododendron leaves being uplifted by the first spears of daffodils rising out of the spring soil.

blue IMG_6385

blue: starry dogwood buds growing fat against a blue sky!

purple IMG_6391

purple: miner’s lettuce poking up all over the yard!

purple IMG_6400

purple: wintery kales and mustards by the armload brought home after a farmer’s market shift one saturday.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

4 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ cycles

  • leticia

    oh my gosh… this: “decomposing rhododendron leaves being uplifted by the first spears of daffodils rising out of the spring soil.” this, this, this. seasons. cycles. life.
    i was just re-reading my father’s obituary. he died suddenly and unexpectedly just a few weeks ago. and now this… not even a full sentence. just a phrase. a caption. i am rolling this little lozenge of language around in my mind now. it seems to soothe. and, i am struck by its simple beauty, even standing alone, without my own emotions curling around it.
    as for the rest… well! such a life you and your family lead, with frogs and salmon eggs and an expert photographer there to capture it all! here, we are in an icy fairyland today, as the sun comes out and turns each tiny iced treebranch into something like a diamond. it seems that there, what is coating every available surface is life, unbound and unbidden.
    thanks to your words, i, to,, on the far side of the continent, feel uplifted by the first spears of daffodils rising out of the spring soil 🙂
    love you!

  • mom of 5 friend

    Love, love love the miner’s lettuce photo!!!! I would totally frame it. Glad to see some spring color.

  • starry magnolia! not dogwood!

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