~rainbow mondays~


rainbow IMG_8723

i caught a fading rainbow hovering over the road leading to our home of the past several years. thought it seemed a bit poetic!

red IMG_8698

red: hummingbirds have re-emerged after their hatching phase (we don’t see them for a few weeks in spring at the feeders. they adore this tree with red baubles.

colors IMG_8515

red-pink-yellow: had a fleeting chance to capture this beauty on camera.

orange IMG_8782

red-orange: sea urchins! another fine tidepooling adventure was had on saturday, perfect conditions, it was every bit the medicine for the soul i needed.

otter IMG_8787

orange: a survivor! they’re not all gone.

yellow IMG_8693

yellow IMG_8696

yellow: golden-chain tree and rhodies.

yellow IMG_8738

yellow IMG_8711

yellow IMG_8717

yellow: yellow belt action!

otter IMG_8749

green: coastal beauty

rainbow green IMG_8725

green: mower tractor parked in the line of rainbow view at the end of the road.

otter IMG_8779

blue: harbor seals taking a break from it all

purple IMG_8681

purple: experimenting with acid/base indicators using the “purple cabbage of science!”

purple IMG_8690

purple: the last straggler rhodie to bloom, one of my favorites!

purple IMG_8783

purple: a week of extra purple entries, including my very favorite color purple: the color of sea urchins, is a good week!

otter IMG_8747

brown: a good place to hide.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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