simple poems

it’s been a long time since i posted some of these…

mama, you’re wearing your hair in a bun! it looks like a cimmanon bun, and i want to eat it!


i was talking to my bff and quinn was wanting to interrupt, but then he snuggled in with me under a throw blanket. he then proceeded to gestate as a dinosaur egg, and after letting me finish talking, he began narrating the story while we listened to him. he was a triceratops egg, which at one point in the story was stolen by some pteranodons. dinosaur eggs, incidentally, are quovals; that is their shape. they are a lot like ovals, except an oval is just flat, so they are 3-dimensional ovals, or quovals. i asked why the pteranodons didn’t just eat something else instead of brand new triceratops hatchlings, but quinn said that unfortunately in their part of the rain forest, the only other available prey are monkeys, and pteranodons do not prefer to eat monkeys because of the furballs that develop in their stomachs after they eat them.


quinn asked me about whether uncle b and uncle t (my brothers) were born before me or after me, and i told him that i am a girl sandwich, with one of each. he laughed and said, “and you’re the cheese, mama!” then he thought a little more, and said it would be even more awesome if “pan” was masculine and “queso” was feminine! (guess what he’s been learning in spanish class!)


while eating pirate booty snacks: “look, this pirate booty is an ammonite!”


can you put music on? my body is dying to dance.


giving guinea pig presentation


magically filling my car with 600 guinea pigs with his wizard staff

bonus simple poem on a found scrap of paper i apparently never posted….

“it feels good to me in here! i feel like i might explode with excitement, like i’m inside a box that’s full of pomegranates! with two mice!” quinn upon entering the dragon house the very first time, 1-7-12

here’s hoping the new dragon house has the same effect on him!

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  • Lau

    I am so grateful I got to hear Quinn’s quoval story of dinosaur eggs. Glad to see it typed here for the bits I missed via phone conversation 🙂
    Cinnabon hair bun…yummm….you’re the cheese!I officially request more quinn poems please!

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